CentraleSupélec is an internationally-reputed Higher Education and Research Institution. Its excellence lies in its combination of fundamental and applied sciences for innovation with societal impact. For almost two centuries, CentraleSupélec's top engineers have been practicing their skills and knowledge for the development of corporate institutions and public organizations.

Accelerated engineering degree programme - Master's Level

What are the tuition fees for the Accelerated Engineering Degree programme?

  • Tuition fees for the accelerated Engineering Degree programme are
    1. 18,000 € per year (year taught in English) or
    2. 15,000€ per year (year taught in French)

Partner University Excellence Grant

  • For candidates registered for a Bachelor or having obtained their Bachelor from a Partner University*, annual tuition fees are reduced to 12,000€/year

CentraleSupélec Jury Excellence Grant

Our Jury excellence grant commitee will also provide the following grant and prizes:

  • The top 12 candidates as ranked in exam sessions in November will be granted a tuition fee reduction to 12,000 €/year for the full programme
  • Additionnaly, the top 5 ranked candidates will receive an additional living grant of 13,000 €/year for the full programme