CentraleSupélec is an internationally-reputed Higher Education and Research Institution. Its excellence lies in its combination of fundamental and applied sciences for innovation with societal impact. For almost two centuries, CentraleSupélec's top engineers have been practicing their skills and knowledge for the development of corporate institutions and public organizations.

Accelerated engineering degree programme - Master's Level

You will spend two years at CentraleSupélec to become a ‘Grande Ecole’ engineer in an international and human-size environment.


We will prepare you to become:

  • A top-level science & engineering professional

  • An engaged leader and team player with professional and social skills

  • Internationally at ease and progressing in a global environment


Highlights of the programme

Combining the tradition of scientific excellence with innovation, technology and corporate spirit.

Learn to tackle complex engineering problems and develop professional and personal skills!

You can choose one out of four possible engineering tracks:

  • Mathematics/IT/Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering

Year 1:

  • Introductive courses in fundamental science and multi-disciplinary engineering

Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and several engineering topics to choose among: Mechanical Engineering, Energy Science and engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industry Engineering, Biomedical and Environmental Engineering Civil Engineering and Transportation

  • Elective courses to prepare your specialisation

Electromagnetics, Electronic Systems, Electrical Energy, Industrial Engineering, Materials, Continuum Mechanics, Networks and Security, Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics.

  • Team projects, languages, soft skills, Business Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences

Year 2: 

  • Advanced courses in Science and Engineering (according to the chosen track and subject to meeting the academic prerequisites)

  • 6-month internship (company, research laboratory)

* Courses are subject to suitability and availability and may change during the course of study.