CentraleSupélec strives for becoming a worldwide recognized teaching institution. To achieve this goal, it relies on excellence in basic science and applied sciences such as maths, physics, IT, engineer sciences, energetics, process, mechanics and industrial engineering.

International Partners of the School

Developing an international group


With its network of 176 partner universities in 45 countries, CentraleSupélec is forging an international group of interconnected schools which will undoubtedly expand further.

CentraleSupélec is the ultimate international school: 30% of its students are foreign, representing nearly 70 different nationalities, and 50% of the school’s student-engineers opt for a double degree to be completed abroad.

In November 2015, the five École Centrale Group schools signed the new statutes of their association, expressing the schools’ intention to strengthen their cooperation and to develop their international policy.

The École Centrale Group is therefore well advanced in its “Southern Africa” École Centrale project to be located in Mauritius, and in October 2015 signed an agreement with the University of São Paulo to study the opportunity to open a new school in Brazil in 2017.

“With the support of the École Centrale Group, CentraleSupélec was the first French Engineering school to export its brand and teaching excellence abroad.”
Gilles Gleyze, Managing Director for Company and International Development