CentraleSupélec is an internationally-reputed Higher Education and Research Institution. Its excellence lies in its combination of fundamental and applied sciences for innovation with societal impact. For almost two centuries, CentraleSupélec's top engineers have been practicing their skills and knowledge for the development of corporate institutions and public organizations.

International Programs

International students represent approximately 30% of the 4,700 CentraleSupélec students. They come from all over the world (roughly 60 different nationalities are represented). A significant number of these students are registered to complete a double degree through T.I.M.E. double degree program, a network created 28 years ago by CentraleSupélec. To date, more than 3,000 graduates have received double degrees from CentraleSupélec and from their home university.

Studying at CentraleSupélec is a unique opportunity for international students to develop a large network of friends and fellow alumni, particularly future leaders/actors of science and industry in Europe and beyond.

CentraleSupélec wants to attract the best international students, highly talented in mathematics and physics, to these programs. Many exchange programs are offered to international students according to their level of studies.

Accelerated engineering degree programme - Master's Level

Our Accelerated engineering degree programme trains you to become an outstanding ‘French Engineer’ in only two years!

  • Obtain a Master’s-level degree at one of the best European institutions
  • Explore the future of skills for lifelong learning in a changing world
  • Take on science and technology challenges in business and industry
  • Open the doors to a wider world of recruitment  
  • Join a strong network of global alumni
  • Experience the French flavour

Contact us by email: Accelerated_prog_eng@centralesupelec.fr

General information and application to the programme: http://www.centralesupelec-accelerated-progr.fr/

International Semester Program @CS

Broaden your horizons by spending a semester or a full academic year at CentraleSupélec. You can design your own academic path by choosing courses in English in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science and Applied Maths, Applied Physics or Industrial Engineering and more.

Location & Campus Life

The CentraleSupélec Saclay Campus is located in a southern suburb, about 45 minutes from the Paris city center:

3 rue Joliot-Curie - 91 190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

On campus housing is guaranteed for international students. Applications will be open to students after their official admission.
CentraleSupélec has 4,300 students, of whom 30% are international students representing 30 nationalities on campus. International students have the possibility of getting involved in a range of student organizations.


Four tracks have been set up:

  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE),
  • Computer Science/Applied Math,
  • Applied Physics
  • Industrial Engineering.

Full schedule of courses is available here.

The courses of these four tracks are entirely taught in English and students earn 3 ECTS (European credits) per course.  It is also possible to choose courses taught in French to personalize your study program.

The course load at CentraleSupélec is usually 30 ECTS per semester and upon successful completion of the 30 ECTS, the CESI degree (Certificate of Study in Engineering Science) will be awarded. We suggest that students should take a minimum of 24 ECTS per semester.

Incoming international students can design their own academic path.

Elective courses in English:


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Computer Science/Applied Math

Applied Physics

Industrial Engineering


EN1201 Fluid Mechanics

IS1220 Software Engineering

PH2813 Advanced Materials and Novel Devices for IT

SE2500 Modeling and Analysis of Supply Chains


EN1500 Nuclear Engineering

IS 1240 High Performance Computing for Engineering and Finance

PH2814 Science Fiction and Physics

SE3301 Introduction to Company Creation


PR4300 Cogeneration

MA2814 Intro to Random modeling

PH2821 Statistical physics

SE2550 Intro to Purchasing 


Numerical Methods

MA 2827
Discrete optimization or IS1250
Prog for mobile devices

PH 2500
Mathematical physics

SE 2650
Risk management


EN 1120
Heat Transfer

MG 2817
Finite elements

MA 2500
Signal processing



EN 2930
Powertrain Design

EN 2910
Aircraft design

MG 2818
Petrol.explor.& prod

IS 2960 Experimental Module - Electronics

PH 2814
Science fiction

WL 2100 Leadership in project


How to apply


Students coming from partner universities

If you wish to apply to CentraleSupélec Semester Abroad Program, you must contact the International Affairs Office of your home institution to be nominated.

Once you have been nominated by your Home Institution to CentraleSupélec, you will receive email instructions from our office.
 International Relations Offices are required to nominate their students wishing to apply for a Student exchange Program on Moveonnet.

  • Deadline for Fall Semester nominations: March 24
  • Deadline for Spring Semester nominations: October 15

                  You should then apply online following the email instructions.

  • Deadline for Fall Semester application: April 24
  • Deadline for Spring Semester application: November 15

The international Office of the home institution will be informed of the students' admission by email. If accepted, the student will receive an official letter.

Students coming from non-partner universities

If you wish to apply to CentraleSupélec Semester Program, please contact Ms Xavière Marcy at xaviere.marcy@centralesupelec.fr



Fall Semester/ Full Academic Year

Spring Semester

Nomination deadline

March 24

October 15

Application deadline

April 24

November 15

Language of instruction

International students usually take French and/or English courses. The minimum language level requested for students taking courses in English are: French A1/A2, English B1. For those who are willing to take courses in French, the minimum required level is B1 (official certificate requested from home university, or recent TCF/DELF tests).


Time Tess Summer School

Enjoy an intensive two-week program in Sustainability operated jointly with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Sweden), the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary), the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain) and the Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) and get ECTS!

CentraleSupélec Summer School in Artificial Intelligence

This Summer School is a unique opportunity for you to discover a brand-new campus in a strategic area close to Paris & to gain cutting-edge knowledge on basics of Articificial Intelligence through some of its applications.
As well as adding valuable extra benefits to your CV, CentraleSupélec’s Summer School is a tremendous fun too! Make new friends, develop social skills, practice foreign languages and discover Paris. Have an unforgettable and rich summer on CentraleSupélec Paris-Saclay campus”


When: July, 1 – July, 13, 2018
Programme duration: 2 weeks
Target group: 20-30 at least 2nd year Bachelor’s students in science and engineering
Language of Instruction: English
Courses: 41-hour course (AI fundamentals and applications)
Prerequisites: Basics of programming and algorithms, calculus and probability - Python & Matlab valued
Credits delivered: 2 ECTS
Location: Paris-Saclay Campus (Paris region)
Tuition and Fees: EUR 1800 (including accommodation)
Registration deadline: May 15, 2018

Website: http://summerschool.centralesupelec.fr

Contact: summerschool@centralesupelec.fr

Paris Digital Lab

Paris Digital Lab recruits the best software engineering talents from top universities worldwide.

Graduate Year Program

CentraleSupélec awards specialization diplomas in its main fields of expertise:

  • Automation
  • Energy
  • IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Signal Processing and Electronics

The specialization program is similar to the 3rd year of one of the Supélec Engineering program majors: a period of six months comprising classes, study groups, experimental activities and projects, followed by end-of-studies work in a company. The degree obtained specifies the speciality. Students must have obtained a Master’s degree or equivalent (five years of higher education) in order to apply.

MSc in Datascience and Business Analytics

Combine the best of business and engineering in a very innovative and complete program in data sciences and business analytics, jointly coordinated by CentraleSupélec and ESSEC Business School.