CentraleSupélec is an internationally-reputed Higher Education and Research Institution. Its excellence lies in its combination of fundamental and applied sciences for innovation with societal impact. For almost two centuries, CentraleSupélec's top engineers have been practicing their skills and knowledge for the development of corporate institutions and public organizations.

The School’s Top Projects

To guarantee a solid foundation and strategic perspective to which it will align all its actions, CentraleSupélec must make significant changes.

This requires developing and rolling out its new Engineering program, which will be fully in force as of September 2018, finalizing the construction of the new Saclay campus in 2017 and strengthening its leadership within the Université Paris-Saclay, as well as:

  • developing a business model that guarantees financial security of the school and development of its resources;
  • continuing its digital transformation to become a digital school of reference: developing MOOCs, using new teaching tools, etc.;
  • developing partnerships and alliances to optimize the training offering, promote research, and strengthen its leadership within the Université Paris-Saclay as well as its international reputation.


The biggest university in Europe


The Université Paris-Saclay unites 18 teaching and research institutions, 60,000 students, 6,000 doctoral students, 9,000 instructor-researchers and researchers. It also has a new model combining training, research and innovation, placing the student at the center of a system of excellence and success.

The Paris-Saclay cluster is the first European scientific hub, representing 49 towns and cities, 350,000 jobs and 15% of French research.

CentraleSupélec is a founding member of the Université Paris-Saclay. It co-directs five Université Paris-Saclay doctoral schools and its Master’s degree is completed entirely in the region surrounding Paris.




Increasing participation in the flagship projects of Université Paris-Saclay 

For CentraleSupélec, being a leader in the Université Paris-Saclay means creating synergies with all the academic and industrial actors of the Saclay Plateau, and generating ideas and projects that contribute to the success and reputation of the University.


Leadership driving research 

CentraleSupélec is a cornerstone of the Paris-Saclay cluster, first and foremost through its research:

  • by creating, in 2009, the Collège des Sciences de l’Ingénieur et des Systèmes (CSIS)
  • by being awarded 12 calls for tender for the “Investing in the Future” program, with the aim of providing the Université Paris-Saclay with joint laboratories and equipment of excellent quality

Since then, CentraleSupélec has participated in six excellence laboratories (LabEx) and two excellence equipment resources (EquipEx), and co-directs five Université Paris-Saclay doctoral schools.




“Research was the first discipline to establish CentraleSupélec as a cornerstone of the Université Paris-Saclay.”
Estelle Lacona, General Director Programs and Research Representative