Des formations d’excellence de niveau international

Accelerated Engineering Degree Masters Level

What are the tuition fees for the Accelerated Engineering Degree programme?

  • Tuition fees for the accelerated Engineering Degree programme are
    1. 18,000 € per year (year taught in English) or
    2. 15,000€ per year (year taught in French)

Partner University Excellence Grant

  • For candidates registered for a Bachelor or having obtained their Bachelor from a Partner University*, annual tuition fees are reduced to 12,000€/year

CentraleSupélec Jury Excellence Grant

Our Jury excellence grant commitee will also provide the following grant and prizes:

  • The top 12 candidates as ranked in exam sessions in November will be granted a tuition fee reduction to 12,000 €/year for the full programme
  • Additionnaly, the top 5 ranked candidates will receive an additional living grant of 13,000 €/year for the full programme