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  • Healthcare systems engineering, health services research, healthcare improvement, healthcare management

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    • Sonia Priou, Guillaume Lamé, Gerard Zalcman, Marie Wislez, Romain Bey, Gilles Chatellier, Jacques Cadranel, Xavier Tannier, Laurent Zelek, Christel Daniel, Christophe Tournigand, Emmanuelle Kempf. Influence of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak on management and prognosis of new lung cancer cases, a retrospective multicenter real-life cohort study, 2022-09-01. (
    • Carol Sinnott, Jordan M Moxey, Sonja Marjanovic, Brandi Leach, Lucy Hocking, Sarah Ball, Alexandros Georgiadis, Guillaume Lamé, Janet Willars, Mary Dixon-Woods. Identifying how GPs spend their time and the obstacles they face: a mixed-methods study, 2022-02. (
    • Emmanuelle Kempf, Sonia Priou, Guillaume Lamé, Christel Daniel, Ali Bellamine, Daniele Sommacale, Yazid Belkacemi, Romain Bey, Gilles Galula, Namik Taright, Xavier Tannier, Bastien Rance, Rémi Flicoteaux, François Hemery, Etienne Audureau, Gilles Chatellier, Christophe Tournigand. Impact of two waves of Sars‐Cov2 outbreak on the number, clinical presentation, care trajectories and survival of patients newly referred for a colorectal cancer: A French multicentric cohort study from a large group of University hospitals, 2022. (
    • Guillaume Lamé, Sonya Crowe, Matthew Barclay. ‘What’s the evidence?’—Towards more empirical evaluations of the impact of OR interventions in healthcare, 2022. (
    • Solène Huynh Dagher, Guillaume Lamé, Tu Anh Duong, Marija Jankovic. Design research in healthcare: a systematic literature review of key design journals, 2022. (
    • Anna H Noel-Storr, Patrick Redmond, Guillaume Lamé, Elisa Liberati, Sarah Kelly, Lucy Miller, Gordon Dooley, Andy Paterson, Jenni Burt. Crowdsourcing citation-screening in a mixed-studies systematic review: a feasibility study, 2021-12. (
    • Sarah Kelly, Patrick Redmond, Sarah King, Clare Oliver-Williams, Guillaume Lamé, Elisa Liberati, Isla Kuhn, Cathy Winter, Tim Draycott, Mary Dixon-Woods, Jenni Burt. Training in the use of intrapartum electronic fetal monitoring with cardiotocography: Systematic review and meta-analysis, 2021-08. (
    • Emmanuelle Kempf, Guillaume Lamé, Richard Layese, Sonia Priou, Gilles Chatellier, Hedi Chaieb, Marc-Antoine Benderra, Ali Bellamine, Romain Bey, Stéphane Bréant, Gilles Galula, Namik Taright, Xavier Tannier, Thomas Guyet, Elisa Salamanca, Etienne Audureau, Christel Daniel, Christophe Tournigand. New cancer cases at the time of SARS-Cov2 pandemic and related public health policies: A persistent and concerning decrease long after the end of national lockdown, 2021-06. (
    • Tu Anh Duong, Guillaume Lamé, Ouidad Zehou, Charbel Al Skayem, Patricia Monnet, Mohammed El Khemiri, Sonia Boudjemil, Gaëlle Hirsch, Pierre Wolkenstein, Marija Jankovic. A process modelling approach to assess the impact of teledermatology deployment onto the skin tumor care pathway, 2021-02. (
    • Solène Huynh Dagher, Guillaume Lamé, Thomas Hubiche, Khaled Ezzedine, Tu Anh Duong. The influence of media coverage and governmental policies on Google queries related to COVID-19 cutaneous symptoms: Infodemiology study, 2021. (
    • Sonia Priou, Guillaume Lamé, Gilles Chatellier, Christophe Tournigand, Emmanuelle Kempf. Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on colorectal cancer care in France, 2021. (
    • Flore Vallet, Jakob Puchinger, Alexandra Millonig, Guillaume Lamé, Isabelle Nicolaï. Tangible futures: Combining scenario thinking and personas—A pilot study on urban mobility, 2020-03-02. (
    • Guillaume Lamé, Rebecca K. Simmons. From behavioural simulation to computer models: how simulation can be used to improve healthcare management and policy, 2020. (
    • Guillaume Lamé, Mary Dixon-Woods. Using clinical simulation to study how to improve quality and safety in healthcare, 2020. (
    • Guillaume Lamé, Oualid Jouini, Julie Stal-Le Cardinal. Combining Soft Systems Methodology, Ethnographic Observation and Discrete-Event Simulation: A Case Study in Cancer Care, 2020. (
    • Guillaume Lamé, Elisa Liberati, Jenni Burt, Tim Draycott, Cathy Winter, James Ward, Mary Dixon-Woods. IMproving the practice of intrapartum electronic fetal heart rate MOnitoring with cardiotocography for safer childbirth (the IMMO programme): Protocol for a qualitative study, 2019. (
    • Guillaume Lamé, Julie Stal-Le Cardinal, Jouini Oualid. Methods and Contexts: Challenges of Planning with Scenarios in a Hospital’s Division, 2019-01. (
    • Natasha Marie Kriznik, Guillaume Lamé, Mary Dixon-Woods. Challenges in making standardisation work in healthcare: lessons from a qualitative interview study of a line-labelling policy in a UK region, 2019. (
    • Guillaume Lamé, Bernard Yannou, François Cluzel. Usage-driven problem design for radical innovation in healthcare, 2018-01. (
    • Guillaume Lamé, Yann Leroy, Bernard Yannou. Ecodesign tools in the construction sector: analyzing usage inadequacies with designers' needs, 2017-04. (
    • Guillaume Lamé, Oualid Jouini, Julie Stal-Le Cardinal. Outpatient Chemotherapy Planning: a Literature Review with Insights from a Case Study, 2016. (
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