BSc AIDAMS ESSEC & CentraleSupélec - Applying with an international High School diploma

Where Will ESSEC - CentraleSupélec AIDAMS Program Take You?

ESSEC & CentraleSupélec Accompany You

Helping you to shape your career


Interact with major companies

Career Services

Career guidance and support to students and graduates are provided in order to help them find and pursue their chosen dream career.

Career Portal: about 6,000 job offers and 21,000 internship offers each year.

To help you see more clearly, the career services team offers a complete service to support you, answer your questions and help you move forward.

You will:

  • Develop interpersonal and professional skills and perspectives that will be valued in your future internships and career.
  • Find an internship that will allow you to further your career plan.
  • Define your professional project through numerous coaching workshops led by specialists.
  • Learn more about the professional world and find internships during recruitment events and panel discussions with our corporate partners.
  • Prepare your CV and your job interviews.
  • Acquire all the skills that will help you strive during your career.


Benefit from 2 powerful networks

Alumni Worldwide

Enrolling in the BSc in AI, DATA and Management Sciences makes you a member of both ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec global alumni communities.

As a student and graduate you are able to leverage this significant network as alumni stay involved and in touch with each other and the schools. As well as sharing their experience with students, they also organize events all over the world via the various local chapters, conferences, round tables, brainstorming sessions, get-togethers, etc.


What to do next?


Enter the job market

Positions that combine business studies & analytics:
• Product Manager, Business Analyst, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Consulting, Data Scientist/Analyst...

Continue at a Master’s level:
• Management (MiM), Engineering, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics and Decision Making, Finance & Financial Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, IS Management, AI...

Across different industries:
• Web/digital/software, finance, consulting, medicine, electronics/industries, business...

Be an entrepreneur and launch your own start-up thanks to both ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec incubators.

After graduation - Types of jobs