Tuition fees

For the first two years, tuition fees will be paid in euros (€) at CentraleSupélec. For the two last years, fees will be paid in dollars ($) at McGill.

At CentraleSupélec,

  • Tuition fees 2024 are 44 000 €/year or 7 900 €/year for reduced rate. Students from the European Union* (including the French) and Canadian students (including the Quebecois) benefit from a reduced rate: 7 900 €/year. Students with dual nationality pay the most advantageous rate.
  • Society & other fees (CVEC) : 95 €
  • Healthcare : if you are a foreign sudent or a French student born in New Caledoni or Wallis and Futna, the steps to take according to your situation and those required to receive your healthcare reimbursements are explained here.

At McGill,

In years 3 and 4, tuition fees will be those in effect for the Fall 2024 school year. Information on McGill website.

*Conditions and supporting documents to be produced for exemption from part of the registration fees for the international students for whom it is their first registration at CentraleSupélec are available in the document below. notice-cond-exe-0.pdf

Scholarships, bursaries and funding

CentraleSupélec-McGill scholarships and bursaries


As part of the McGill - CentraleSupélec partnership, you may be eligible for 2 types of scholarships.

1 - Merit-based award scholarships

  • One-year entrance scholarship. The One-Year Entrance Scholarship is automatically considered with the application for admission.
  • Major entrance scholarship is renewable annually up to 3 or 4 years provided criteria for renewal are met. Once you have validated your application, the site will provide you with a link to complete the Major entrance scholarship application.

2 - Need-based financial aid

  • Entrance Bursary Program. When you receive an offer of admission, you will receive a link to complete the application for an Entrance Bursary Program.

You will receive information on the award decision. Recipients of McGill - CentraleSupélec scholarships must acquaint themselves with all regulations pertaining to both one-year and major entrance scholarships.

In addition, some financial aid may be targeted based on your nationality. Based on personal needs, tuition fees may be reduced for students benefiting of scholarships. You can find additional information in the following document: Financial-Aid.pdf

Other scholarships

You may apply to other scholarships offered in France, in Canada, or in your country of origin. You can find scholarships offered by the French government on Campus France.

Living costs & housing


At CentraleSupélec, students of the Bachelor are strongly encouraged to live in the residence assigned to them, not too far from the campus. Access to rooms in the CESAL residence for bachelors and associated services is billed at 1800€.
At McGill, students usually live off campus in Montréal. Possibilities at the McGill campus for the 3rd year will be offered.

Living costs

To help with your financial planning, you can find below estimated expanses for students at CentraleSupélec and McGill.

at CentraleSupelec

Expenses Price range
Accomodation on campus 650€ - 750€ / month
Full meal at campus cafeteria 3.25€
Express subway train ticket to Paris 4.45€
Phone & data subscription 20€ /month
Meal at typical Parisian bistro 25€


at McGill

Expenses Price range
Accomodation on campus $650 - $1100 /month
Accomodation outside campus $500 - $1300 /month
Food on campus $15 /day
Food outside campus $10 /day
Other expenses $750 - $1800 /month