CentraleSupélec’s campus is composed of 3 main buildings with student club offices, restaurants, a 1000-seat amphitheater, gyms, a fablab, multiple workspaces and, of course, lecture halls and classrooms. The campus is always buzzing with activity, thanks to the 2000+ students living on campus, 200+ student clubs,  various sport facilities, and the student-run bar and cafeteria named the Musée.

McGill’s main campus is located in downtown Montreal, at the foot of Mount Royal. Mixing historical and modern architecture, you will find it hosts research centers, faculty members’ offices, lecture halls and workspaces. Student life at McGill spills over the campus boundaries and into   downtown Montréal.

CentraleSupelec Paris-Saclay campus

McGill Downtown campus

Student clubs

CentraleSupélec is home to more than 200 student clubs, almost all run by “cycle ingénieur” students. Anyone can find clubs that fit them perfectly: campus life, arts & culture, science & technology, media, games & gastronomy, solidarity, multicultural/international, sports, etc.. A complete description of the student clubs and events at CentraleSupélec can be found here. The BDI (Bureau des Internationaux) is the centre of the international student community.

At McGill, you will have the opportunity to further your passions and discover new ones. From exhibitions to book fairs, including talks and conferences and so much more, you will always find an event happening on campus. More than 300 clubs gather passionate people, among which athletic & recreational sports, charity, community outreach, fine arts & performance, wellness, language & publications, hobby, networking, political, culture clubs. You can find the complete list here.