Research Published on 01/20/2020

Benjamin de Bruyne is an engineering student who chose to join CentraleSupélec via the University of Liège. He opted for the Research Course which seemed to him to be an original and particularly attractive approach to pursuing engineering studies. He fully invested himself in it: his research work, which he carried out at the Structures, Properties and Modelling of Solids Laboratory (SPMS - with CNRS), enabled him to win the prize for the best communication in the form of a poster at the quantum crystallography conference "International Charge Density Meeting" in Göttingen, in July 2019. He was the youngest participant at this conference, finishing his second year at the School. His work has just been published, in January 2020, in the leading journal of the international crystallographic community, Acta Crystallographica A.

The editors have even decided to place his article on the cover of this January edition in view of the originality and scope of the results.