Research Published on 06/14/2017

The 10th International Conference on the Developments on eSystems Engineering will be held from the 14th to 16th June 2017 on CentraleSupélec Gif campus. Currently a high level of interest is being generated through the development of a wide end varied range of eSystems. There are many high profile projects, all around the world, seeking to transfer many services and facilities into state-of-the-art electronic technologies. DeSE’2017, which will be held in Paris and will cover a mix of topics aimed to address current research issues in the design, engineering and adoption of eSystems. DeSE’2017 conference comprises of stimulating tracks:

- Track 1: e-Learning (Technology Enhanced Learning)
- Track 2: e-Government systems, Autonomic computing and AI
- Track 3: e-Business and Management
- Track 4: e-Health and e-Medicine
- Track 5: e-Science and Technology
- Track 6: e-Security and e-Forensics
- Track 7: e-Entertainment and Creative Technologies
- Track 8: e-Networking and Wireless Environments
- Track 9: e-Ubiquitous Computing and Intelligent Living
- Track 10: Green and Sustainable Technologies
- Track 11: e-Culture and Digital Society
- Track 12: e-Sport and Exercise Sciences; the growing need for analytical analysis
- Track 13: e-Systems Engineering (Main Stream)Special Session: Smart Sensors and their Applications
- Special Session: Machine learning and neuroscience applied to real world learning and self-development
- Special Session: Internet of Everything (IoE)
- Special Session: Advanced Robotics