The Classe Internationale of CentraleSupélec - Paris-Saclay University

Do you want to study in France but don't speak French or haven't mastered it yet? Here's a new program to help you fulfil your dream of studying in France!

CentraleSupélec, the Paris-Saclay University School of Engineering, of which it is also a founding member, is opening a new class exclusively for international students starting in the fall of 2024-2025 to prepare them for entry into undergraduate studies at Paris-Saclay University: the international class of CentraleSupélec (CINCS).

Ranked among the top 200 universities in the world by QS, CentraleSupélec has a network of 176 partner universities in 45 countries, 80 double degree agreements, 30% international students, 24% international professors, and a network of 55,000 alumni working on all continents.

Paris-Saclay University is the top university in Europe. Born from the combined efforts of universities, Grandes Écoles and research organizations, Paris-Saclay University is among the leading European and global universities, covering areas of Science and Engineering, Life Sciences and Health, and Social Sciences and Humanities. From undergraduate to doctoral programs, including programs from grandes écoles, Paris-Saclay University offers various disciplines, serving student success and professional integration.

Ranked 16th in the Shanghai Ranking (1st in Mathematics, 9th in Physics), Paris-Saclay University also positions itself as the top university in Europe.

Paris-Saclay University has been recognized for the work of two of its eminent researchers globally in 2022: