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Our partnerships are designed to enable companies to be present throughout the teaching program, with the aim of recruiting capable talent.

To develop your image among our future graduates and recruit them immediately:

  • In the 3rd year, join our students nearing the end of their program with an active presence within the professional options/streams of the 3rd year of the École Centrale program and Major options of the Supélec program.
  • Participate in teaching material for the options, streams and majors of the 3rd year.
  • Participate through regular and structured activities throughout the academic year: presentations about your company, various job profiles and end-of-year internships you propose; share your company’s international volunteer program and professionalization contracts; participate in end-of-study trips; teach certain lessons; provide expert-led technical conferences, case studies, modules, study or research projects; and participate in discussions concerning teaching content development.
  • More than 80 companies, including more than 20 large and medium-sized firms, have partnered with the school for the 3rd year.


To increase your visibility among our future graduates in advance of recruitment and throughout the engineering program:

Complement the above 3rd-year actions:

  • From the 1st year: “Company Discovery Evenings” (informal exchanges between 1st-year students and operational staff and/or HR: discovering a business sector, a company and its various job profiles: Audit/Consultancy, Biotech Engineering/Environment, Construction/Large Projects, Consultancy, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Finance/Insurance, IT/Media/Telecoms, Production and Distribution, company in-house R&D, Transport & Systems)
  • Company visits, conferences, study projects
  • In the 2nd year, engineers talk about their own studies and career development experiences in Career Round Tables: Aeronautic/Automotive/Naval, Audit, Biotech Engineering/Environment, Construction/Large Projects, Consultancy, Creation/Innovation/Design, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Finance/Insurance, SMB, Production/Logistics, Company In-house R&D and Information Sciences
  • Mini “Recruitment” forums for all our students (Student-Engineers, Specialized Masters and Doctoral students), during which they have the opportunity to meet companies offering internships: Placement stands, Engineering/Business School Double-Qualification stands, Specialized Masters stands, Companies-Doctoral Students stands, International Internships stands, SMB/Start-Up stands, Work-Study Program Mini-Forums (apprenticeship/professionalization contract)


Various partnership opportunities are offered (ask us about these). Depending on the level of partnership, you can benefit from various advantages such as:

  • advertising your internships, job offers, company international volunteering programs and work-study program offers among all our students
  • optimized communication (presence on the school site, link to your HR/Career website, presence on our JobTeaser platform, communication about our joint events on our social networking sites, presence on our campus banners, advertising your logo on the screens in our campus and promotion of your company events)
  • optimized visibility of your company on the CentraleSupélec Forum
  • priority in our diversity awareness actions (gender equality, disability access, cultural diversity)
  • participation in teaching events and lessons
  • strong ties with the strategy of the school


Companies can join with us in actions to highlight the issues around diversity

Gender Equality:

Companies have joined together with the school in its commitment to gender equality through the creation of “Sébastienne Guyot” scholarships, which aim to enable more young women (with financial need) to study at CentraleSupélec.

Centrale supélec

Accenture, Bain & Compagnie, BNP Paris, Paribas, Dassault Systems, Eiffage Énergie, Engie, Eramet / The Jean Duval Foundation, The Spie Batignolles Foundation, Fives, Orange, and Sopra Steria – all companies with innovative initiatives for equality and diversity – join together with the school in its endeavors. 

Companies can also share their commitment to this cause by participating in the “Gender Equality among Engineers” conference.

The website « MademoisellefaitCentrale.com » was also created to attract young women to engineering schools. Its launch is aligned with the initiative to promote scientific careers in female high school students.


Disability Access

Centrale supélec

A Disability Awareness Day is celebrated on each of our school’s campuses, with workshops presenting scenarios. This enables disability access promoting companies to present their policies for supporting engineers with disabilities in their company, and also how they promote disability awareness among their managers. 


Cultural Diversity

For the Cordées de la Réussite (French government initiative to facilitate access to education for young people of all socioeconomic backgrounds), companies come and give presentations on their business sectors and job profiles to an audience of high school students.


International partnerships enable companies to sustainably mark their presence in France and in the world

To facilitate recruitment of our international students

In the 1st and 2nd years, in France:

  • You can be in direct contact with our future double-degree students (students from around the world who have come from prestigious foreign universities (Stanford, Harvard, Cornell and Columbia (United States), Cambridge (UK), Tsinghua (China), IIT Bangalore (India), Keio University (Japan)
  • Be present on the campus for two years, and among French students leaving for international trips at the end of their 2nd year for placements in the best schools and universities in the world via contact events organized on the campus throughout their studies: presentation of your company and job profiles, company visits, conferences and case studies, etc.


And at the end of the program, in view of recruitment in our target countries, you can be present at international Job Fairs that attract our French and international students and graduates:


Centrale supélec


Another way to forge links with our international Campuses:


École Centrale Beijing


Centrale supélec

The École Centrale six-year Engineering program (including one year of learning French and two years of preparatory classes). The first graduates of École Centrale Beijing graduated in 2011. Engineers graduate trilingual (Chinese, French and English), bi-cultural and trained to be operational in international companies as soon as they leave school.


Mahindra Ecole Centrale

Centrale supélec

CentraleSupélec has opened in India in collaboration with the Mahindra group, the second largest industrial Indian group present in more than 100 countries. Among its specializations: transportation, aeronautics, construction and energy.

This cooperation, in partnership with the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), enabled the creation of the Mahindra École Centrale engineering school in Hyderabad, the capital city of the Indian State, Andhra Pradesh.

Mahindra École Centrale aims to become a renowned engineering and sciences education institution, open to industry and highly ranked worldwide. Its academic program will develop students’ abilities to adapt to changes and the key challenges of tomorrow’s world. 

Visit the Mahindra École Centrale website


Centrale Casablanca

Centrale supélec

École Centrale Casablanca was the product of a strategic partnership between CentraleSupélec and the Kingdom of Morocco’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and New Technologies.

The agreement to create École Centrale Casablanca was signed on April 3, 2013, by Geneviève Fioraso in the presence of His Majesty King Mohamed VI and the President of France, François Hollande.

École Centrale Casablanca opened its doors at the beginning of the 2015 academic year, offering a post-preparatory class three-year engineering program and a specialized master’s degree entitled “Leadership and Innovative Projects”.

The school is aligned with the Moroccan plan to develop industry operationalized by the 2009-2015 Industrial Acceleration Plan, and meets the CentraleSupélec objectives to train more generalized and high-level scientific generalized engineers and having a strong international culture.



The SMB Club


The approach of the school

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) represent an important element of the economic and social fabric of France and Europe. They play a key role in innovation, research and development. SMBs are also perceived as being more human – avenues for accessing positions of responsibility faster, meaning our students are increasingly attracted to them.

We have also observed that a large number of engineers who graduate from our schools are managing, creating or acquiring SMBs.

On the strength of these observations, CentraleSupélec has created an offer specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, the SMB Club, in order to:

  • thank/maintain relationships with the SMBs that currently support us;
  • demonstrate the rich variety of jobs offered within SMBs;
  • organize contact/collaboration/project events and opportunities;
  • facilitate internships, employment and work-study programs in these companies;


Members of the SMB club

Contact : club-pme@ecp.fr


Supporting companies through the Apprenticeship program

The Apprenticeship stream enables companies to recruit an apprentice by developing their loyalty to the company over the course of three years. This stream of excellence is open to students completing preparatory classes, upon successfully passing the competitive entrance exam, whose professional projects are well-defined and who want to divide their time between studying at the school and working within a company.

  • Download the Apprenticeship and Company brochure.