In 2005, Écoles Centrale Group, together with Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), created École Centrale Beijing. This initiative brings together the broad-based, international and business-oriented École Centrale education to Beihang’s high academic standards. Écoles Centrale Group thus became the first French Engineering Grande École group to export its excellence and teaching model abroad.

École Centrale Beijing offers a six-year program to train high-level generalized, versatile and trilingual engineers. After intensive language training, students spend two years completing Preparatory Classes before entering the three remaining years of the Engineering program, recognized by the French Commission for Engineering degrees.

École Centrale Beijing has signed privileged partnership agreements within the business world, a lever for it to develop economic links between France and China by providing general, bicultural engineers for employment.

Beyond initial training and close relationships with industry, the school has a strong culture of research. It collaborates closely with Beihang University on specific research projects.