CentraleSupélec engineering through apprenticeship is the key to excellence in professionalization by giving each student-engineer the opportunity to complete their training in an alternating work and study period under the company partner’s guidance, throughout the academic year.

During training, the apprentice is provided with a customized teaching method. Besides completing CentraleSupélec engineering degree, the apprentice also acquires a genuine organizational and sectoral culture they can valorise at the end of the engineering curriculum.

The apprenticeship program leads to the same degree as the student curriculum.

Enrolling for the apprenticeship curriculum means:

  • Acquiring professional experience over a period of three years and graduating from school with a degree recognised by companies searching for new talents
  • Joining a company as an employee and learning more about its business and its different management viewpoints through a wide range of projects stretching from one to six months
  • Benefiting from individual educational guidance in the company, and at school
  • Enjoying financial self-sufficiency with a monthly salary

Accessing the curriculum through apprenticeship:

  • French Higher School Preparatory Classes “TSI/PT” from the first year of the curriculum
  • French Higher School Preparatory Classes “MP/PC/PSI” from the second year of the curriculum
  • A two-year university degree in Technology from first year of the curriculum

Training through apprenticeship:

  • The apprentice acquires the same qualifications as the whole class. The apprenticeship curriculum proposes specific teaching courses, including progressive sharing with the traditional academic curriculum.
  • A limited number of students - 25 maximum - enables individual guidance for each student.
  • A differentiated educational method: the apprenticeship curriculum is mainly based on an inductive educational approach: from practical problems, students will move on to abstract topics with immediate implementation of concepts.
  • The apprentice benefits from individual guidance through:

-  A supervisor who welcomes the apprentice, handles supervision and practical training within the company and takes part in assessments.

-  A mentor who is responsible for guiding and supervising the apprentice throughout the curriculum through regular communication.

  • The projects carried forward in the company enable students to acquire a part of the engineering curriculum skills.

Curriculum framework

The first year is dedicated, and is taught on the Rennes or Metz campuses. For the 2018-2019 academic year, students will study on the Rennes campus.

The curriculum includes core courses, combined with top-up courses in Mathematics and Physics, so that students can go on to address more complex systems. The alternating work and study schedule offered (one month in school, one month in a company) enables deep immersion in each environment, and is acclaimed by both students and companies.

The second year is entirely completed on the Paris-Saclay campus in Gif-sur-Yvette. The courses are aligned with the pace of the academic modules described in the student curriculum (general and specific teaching modules). They may be either specific or shared with the student curriculum.

The third year is completely common to the student curriculum and is taught on one of the three school campuses, according to the field: (see next page).


  • For questions about the curriculum: Catherine Luce:

     Email: alternance@centralesupelec.fr 

     Phone: +33 1 75 31 62 42

  • Program manager: Pierre-Yves Richard:

    Email: pierre-yves.richard@centralesupelec.fr

  • For presentations and institutional communication: 

    Email : Adriano Barros Cotta