Whether you are drawn to research, keen on digital technology, want to run an innovative project in partnership with an industrial company or create a start-up, everything is possible with the CentraleSupélec engineering curriculum.

Throughout the curriculum, the student engineer will be offered broad-ranging choices: elective, specific and professional teaching courses, semester abroad or dual degree.

The student engineer will also have the opportunity to study in depth one or several subject areas, within the curriculum:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Science or Master’s in Research
  • By choosing from a broad range of customized courses to acquire in-depth skills in fields such as research, entrepreneurship or computer security.

A year between the second and the third year can also be dedicated to digital learning in the Centrale Digital Lab. The student-engineer can also choose sandwich courses to develop stronger ties with companies from the first year onwards, or a "dual degree" to complete a double training program through partnerships with 11 top universities and business schools like ESSEC, Sciences Po, ENSCI Design, etc.

Focus on the entrepreneurship program

The engineering curriculum includes a three-level innovation and entrepreneurship-oriented course:

  • Every student is made especially aware of innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the CentraleSupélec curriculum;
  • About one hundred students will have the opportunity to improve their skills through a professional apprenticeship in their third year to acquire social skills and expertise (strategy, marketing, finance, management, business plan building, etc.);
  • The most committed - around thirty - will acquire expertise through the "Entrepreneurial program" (specific program lasting throughout the curriculum), enabling future entrepreneurs to complete their projects through a reorganization of their curriculum.

Students acquire skills in innovation and entrepreneurship through cross-disciplinary teaching. Specific initiatives are offered, in particular the "start-up week", a week dedicated to business creation simulation by groups of five students.

Focus on the computer security program (Infosec)

The “Infosec” program aims at training CentraleSupélec high-level experts capable of identifying and anticipating increasingly complex cyber security attacks.

Our objective is to train professionals who will ensure tomorrow’s data security.

Today, such experts are a rarity on the job market and their hiring requires extensive technical assessments (in particular ANSSI, DGA, various State intelligence agencies, and a large number of companies, including GAFAMs).

The Security computer courses include specific and general teaching in the second and third years of the CentraleSupelec Engineering curriculum. The second-year courses will provide solid training in information systems, while the third-year courses will deliver the targeted high-level expertise in security.

Focus on the research program

  • The CentraleSupélec curriculum includes fostering research awareness for each student (half-day seminar and attendance at the CentraleSupélec Scientific Symposium). The objective is to provide the future students with a comprehensive skillset, especially important in the research field, and to expose them to the research community: institutions, stakeholders, methodologies, challenges for knowledge and innovation. In addition, 15–20% of students will be able to complete a long-term research project.
  • The most motivated - about forty - will have the opportunity to complete a dedicated course including laboratory immersion and additional scientific resources. This comprehensive curriculum is aimed at professional development, acquisition of business skills, extensive scientific knowledge and specific expertise. They will thus reach, at the completion of the curriculum, a level of competence equivalent to the end of the first year of a Doctoral Program. This program is based on carrying through a challenging research project, ongoing throughout the three-year term and implemented by students under the guidance of a scientific mentor to simulate a concrete professional environment.

Focus on the Centrale Digital Lab (Digital Tech Year)

Launched in 2015, the Centrale Digital Lab (formerly called Digital Tech Year) is an advanced experience based on interaction with companies, innovation-oriented and in line with CentraleSupélec scientific and managerial engineering curriculum requirements.


  • Foster innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities of highly skilled CentraleSupelec engineers in IT.
  • Address open digital innovation requirements of leading companies or start-ups
  • First three semesters of the engineering curriculum: scientific course
  • Second semester: USA/UK internship in a start-up or a digital-oriented large company
  • First semester: agile prototyping
  • Last three semesters of the engineering curriculum: business-oriented training until graduation

Digital Tech year’s pioneer students

  • Highly digitally motivated, choosing an additional year in their curriculum for advanced technical immersion
  • Able to perform at the scientific level of the 2nd year in the CentraleSupelec engineering curriculum
  • They already boast a very high technical level in software engineering (web, mobile, C++ languages, networks, etc.)
  • Already an innovative entrepreneur in various student associations (Via, Rezo, Junior CentraleSupelec and OSER)