A Leading International Higher Education and Research Institution

The CentraleSupelec curriculum includes a six-month period abroad minimum.

To achieve its objectives, the CentraleSupélec engineering curriculum offers a wide range of opportunities through international experience:

  •  Dual degree ( years at CentraleSupélec and one to two years at an academic partner) allowing completion of both degrees:
  •  Six-month experience at a laboratory or company.

Agreements with nearly 180 partner universities in 45 countries enable CentraleSupelec to provide students with a broad variety of courses. Universities include:

United States

  • MIT
  • Harvard
  • Stanford
  • Princeton
  • Cornell
  • Columbia
  • Georgia Institute of Technology…

United Kingdom

  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • London School of Economics
  • Imperial College London…


  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
  • Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Politecnico Milano 1863, Italy
  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
  • Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain  


  • Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • Tsinghua University, Beijing
  • Beijing Jiaotong University
  • Zhejiang University
  • XI’An Jiaotong
  • SouthWest Jiaotong University
  • Centrale Beijing


  • Keio Business School (KBS)
  • Todaï
  • Tohoku University


  • The University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Sào Paulo
  • The Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo
  • Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza
  • Univ. Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

A Leading International Higher Education and Research Institution

Top 5 universities in the world:

For dual degrees

1. United States (Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley, MIT...)

2. United Kingdom (Cambridge, Imperial College London, Oxford, London School of Economics...)

3. Germany (TU Berlin, TU Munich...)

4. Sweden (KTH)

5. Australia, Denmark, Singapore

 CentraleSupélec, a truly international school

  • 176 partner universities in 45 countries
  • 80 dual degrees programs
  • 6 months minimum abroad (12 months typically)
  • 32% of international engineering students
  • Nearly 70 nationalities on campus
  • 2 mandatory modern languages including English
  • 21% of international faculty-researchers
  • 3 campuses abroad: Centrale Beijing (China), Mahindra École Centrale (India)

     and Centrale Casablanca (Morocco), as well as 4 international laboratories