Missions and values


The Supélec Foundation, recognized for its public utility and labeled as a Research Foundation, had capital of €17 million in 2015, including €11.6 million of long-term provision (adjustable for inflation). Budgets and programming are established on the basis of capital income and supplemented by donations in the form of capital flows, according to donors’ intentions.

The Supélec Foundation has always positioned itself atypically, ever since its creation in 2003, with a capital model to help the school in its long-term development in France and internationally. These two dimensions that have guided the Foundation are today integrated within the CentraleSupélec strategy.

Capitalized donations help the school each year by supporting the innovative projects of our instructor-researchers, doctoral students and students.

THE MISSION of the Supélec Foundation is to contribute to the worldwide reputation of CentraleSupélec and partners’ scientific research and higher education.

THE VALUES of the Supélec Foundation are focused on four axes:

  • shared responsibility among all actors involved in our projects to help leading talents to emerge in society to confront the major challenges of the future;
  • transparency, ethics, integrity and rigor in the way in which we collect and manage funds;
  • international cooperation to multiply our network, exchange and share, beyond borders;
  • lasting commitment, as all the projects and relationships we develop with our students, former students, teaching body, researchers, industrial partners and all other actors are, for us, investments in the future.


The founders

ABB, EDF, FIEEC, RTE, Schlumberger, Schneider Electric and “Les Supélec”, now called EPSCP CentraleSupélec.


A few words from some beneficiaries



Xiang Liu - (GeePS, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Laboratory of Paris and L2S, Signals Laboratory/DRE) - Gif-sur-Yvette campus


“Thanks to the Supélec Foundation, I am completing my program in France and my research on electromagnetic system modeling within the school’s teams. Thank you for this opportunity, which is an important step in my career as an engineer and as a future doctoral graduate.”



Supélec Foundation supports the school’s talents

Damien Rontani’s experience


Damien was one of the very first beneficiaries of the Supélec Foundation who, in 2006, defended his thesis, completed over three years (internationally co-directed between Supélec and Georgia Tech). After that, Damien was awarded the Supélec Foundation Publication Prize in 2011, as a Supélec doctoral graduate having achieved the best publication results from the beginning of his thesis right up until the end of the year in which he defended it.

Publication Prize Awards, given during the 2011Prestige Evening, hosted by the Supélec Foundation


He completed a post-doctoral degree in the Department of Physics of Duke University (USA) between 2011 and 2013. Today, he is a senior lecturer within the OPTEL research team and received an IBM Faculty Award in 2015. The IBM Faculty Award rewards researchers of physics applied to IT processing; his subject explored “Cognitive Computing” and focused on the development and characterization of a neuro-inspired time-space optical calculator.


A few figures

  • €17 million in donations
  • €1.4 million donated in support of CentraleSupélec in 2015
  • More than 50 beneficiaries supported through funding, including 20 thesis completions, four sabbaticals, four visiting professors, five chairs, 12 instructor-researcher positions created, student scholarships, five publication awards, and more.
  • 1,700 private donors
  • 26 SMB donors
  • six associations or institutions
  • 20 large companies or company foundations



More informations

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Tél : +33 (0)1 69 85 12 74

The Supélec Foundation warmly thanks all donors.


La Fondation Supélec remercie chaleureusement l’ensemble de ses donateurs.