Research Published on 04/09/2024

The Sondra Franco-Singaporean research laboratory celebrated its 20th anniversary in the presence of its partners on CentraleSupélec's Paris-Saclay campus on April 3, 2024.

Supported by a quadripartite alliance involving CentraleSupélec,Onera, the National University of Singapore and DSO, Sondra conducts innovative studies for radar technologies in the fields of electromagnetism and signal processing.

Backed by a strong commitment from both the French and Singaporean governments, it benefits from substantial resources for academic research, including theses funded by the DGA and AID, in the fields of physics (propagation, fund signatures), signal processing, electromagnetism and data (e.g. IA) applicable to radar and remote sensing.

In the space of 20 years, Sondra has acquired international stature.

Its constant preoccupation is to achieve field trials and validations, thanks in particular to the resources available at DSO and ONERA. It is also deeply involved in CentraleSupélec's training activities.

Romain Soubeyran, Director of CentraleSupélec: "Our shared successes encourage us to pursue this collaborative and partnership approach, so that together we can advance high-level research leading to innovations and concrete applications for the benefit of both our countries."