CentraleSupélec, a higher education institution with a global vision 

In our diverse and changing world, international development is at the heart of CentraleSupélec’s strategy. An integral part of our DNA since the creation of École Centrale Paris and École Supérieure d’Électricité in the 19th century, their international openness has taken on a spectacular dimension in the past 30 years, particularly with the vision of the double degree program, the creation of the T.I.M.E. network, compulsory international mobility for our students and the creation of international campuses. The creation of CentraleSupélec in 2015, forged in a merger of the two historical mother schools, has enriched and consolidated this dynamic to project the institution into the future with a 2030 vision, in which only the most innovative and value-creating institutions will thrive.

Today, CentraleSupélec has already been recognized for its enthusiastic and innovative international actions, which make it highly visible and attractive both in France and worldwide:

  • The school is a key national actor as well as within the European Higher Education and Research Area.
  • It is positioned at the highest level among its academic peers worldwide.
  • It offers the best opportunities for international mobility and programs for students and staff.
  • It attracts and exchanges with the top professionals in the world of research and business and attracts and trains the best students.


The new CentraleSupélec, a founding member of Université Paris-Saclay and leader of the École Centrale Group, is forging a path through a complex and competitive terrain with the aim of becoming a school of reference in its field, visible and attractive in the panorama of higher education and research and ranked among the best institutions in the world.