A consortium of research organisations has gathered together to form a new International Research Laboratory (IRL) focused on artificial intelligence (AI) in Montreal. Launched in 2022, the new centre gathers together McGill University, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), Mila – Quebec AI Institute, France’s Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Université Paris-Saclay, and CentraleSupélec.

This collaboration between France and Quebec makes it possible to innovate and deepen research in AI, a cross-cutting discipline from which we can benefit in many fields, including health, the built environment, robotics, and the Internet of Things

While great strides have been made in AI recently, there is still a pressing need for new theoretical knowledge to better understand this new technology's capacities and how it achieves its results. The ILLS will focus on five main themes of research:

  • fundamental aspects of artificial intelligence,
  • sequential (real-time) machine learning,
  • robust autonomous systems,
  • natural language and speech processing,
  • applications to computer vision, signals, and information processing.

In addition, the new centre will emphasise interdisciplinary collaborations with an aim to develop new methodologies and integrate these techniques into learning systems.


Director: Pablo Piantanida


Latest submissions

Communication on a congress
Communication on a congress
Beyond the Norms: Detecting Prediction Errors in Regression Models
Andres Altieri, Marco Romanelli, Pichler Georg, Florence Alberge, Pablo Piantanida
Communication on a congress
Communication on a congress
Communication on a congress
Physics-informed dual architecture neural networks for enhanced estimation of drilling dynamics
Jeanne Redaud, Maxime Darrin, Nasser Kazemi Nojadeh, Jean Auriol
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