Research Published on 02/17/2020

CentraleSupélec joins forces with the European Space Agency to launch ESA_Lab@ CentraleSupélec. Objective: to develop interest in and knowledge of peaceful space exploration activities and the resulting cross-cutting applications such as climate monitoring, Earth observation, security, sustainability, risk management, space economics, etc.

Within this framework, visits, conferences and innovative thematic training courses will be organised, led by different teaching and research teams. The aim is to encourage new CentraleSupélec engineers to take over this new economic area, via, among others, the European Copernicus programme. With its Sondra laboratory, and with the assistance of ESA and the Research and User Support Copernicus service, the School is thus setting up a series of courses to raise students' awareness of the sustainable development objectives of the United Nations and the use of satellite images for applications ranging from the environment to security.

On the occasion of the implementation of this agreement, a round table entitled "Climate Change, Urgency and Responsibility" is offered to CentraleSupélec students at the Joël Rousseau theatre with the participation of :

  • Claudie Haigneré, astronaut and ESA advisor
  • Etienne Klein, physicist and philosopher, research director at CEA (LARSIM)