Research Published on 01/18/2022

'Scientific excellence alone will not be enough to turn the tide or at least influence it. Nor is it simply a matter of being a better communicator. It is probably more a question of acting to induce a change of posture or paradigm in your interlocutors and stakeholders. Nudge, social marketing, risk management... These are all areas that will undoubtedly need to be invested in to move in this direction.'

Professor Pascal Morenton has just created "Look Up" (in reference to the current film): a multidisciplinary working group whose objective is to provide any scientist or engineer who wishes to do so with a conceptual and methodological framework as well as techniques and tools to better communicate, convince and finally have a real influence on decisions or major orientations related to global or systemic issues.

Any contribution to enrich the current reflection will be welcome, do not hesitate to contact him to talk about it.