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Launch your career as a data scientist or business analytics expert


At the end of the program, the students will have been developing their skills to become Data Scientists or Business Analytics Experts. From San Francisco to Tel Aviv, places of IT offer their best jobs for data scientists. Data science impacts a wide range of spheres from health care industry to business to engineering companies. International companies like Google, Microsoft or Amazon and startups like Snapchat Waze or Uber are hiring data scientists.



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In contrast, business analytics experts focus more on the strategic aspects of the business and may also undertake careers in consulting firms, the financial sector, the pharmaceutical industry, telecommunications, retailing and fast moving consumer goods companies and in web analytics or digital companies as well. In any case, this program prepares students to meet the growing demand in every industry for data-driven leadership or to engage entrepreneurship.

Graduated can also take fully advantage of an 46,000 international Alumni network (from CentraleSupelec) and 47,000 from ESSEC!

Moreover, if you are an entrepreneur, CentraleSupélec and ESSEC Business School provide you with the opportunity to join their in-house incubators, CentraleSupélec Incubateur and ESSEC Ventures, which support you whilst you develop and launch your startup project.


The ecosystem, reputation and networks of both schools will ensure you have every opportunity on the job market.


First MSc class of 2015


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Program partners

The MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics benefits from several professional networks which have been established by both ESSEC and CentraleSupélec, independently or conjointly.

The ESSEC Digital Business Centre of Excellence was launched in 2014 and incorporates not only this training program but all activities linked to research, education and work in the digital field. You therefore have access to wide range of conferences and interactions with professionals from the different sectors.