The Master's degrees that CentraleSupélec coordinates or to which it contributes are high-level courses, open to French and international students holding at least a bachelor's degree and to students at the end of their engineering studies. These courses lead to a national Master's degree and offer an easily identifiable international-level diploma, corresponding to the "M" level in Europe. It leads to further doctoral studies or to direct high-level integration into companies. CentraleSupélec's Master's degree programmes reflect the major axes of development of its research in line with the needs of its academic and industrial partners.


Tuition fees

National Master's degrees

Following the French government's implementation of differentiated fees, tuition fees for students registered in regular national mater's degree programmes are €243 for EU students and €3,770 for non-EU students for the academic year 2020/2021. 

Information about partial waivers depending on your situation can be found here


International Master's degrees of Université Paris-Saclay coordinated by CentraleSupélec 

Tuition fees will apply to any student registering for the first time in the first or second year of the international master's degree programme. 

Students registrered in the first year of the master's degree pursuing in the second year of the same programme will also pay the corresponding tuition fees. 

Existing international exchange agreements will continue applying the agreed-upon fees, if applicable. Renewal of these agreements takes into account the new fees. 

You will find the applicable fees for the academic year 2020-2021 on this website


Grants and financial aid

International mobility grant (IDEX Paris-Saclay)

The IdEx Paris-Saclay project, of which CentraleSupélec is a partner, aims to promote international openness to master’s-level training programs provided by partner institutions, and to facilitate access for high-level international students wishing to develop a research training project up to doctoral level.

As such, in order to finance their Master's degree at CentraleSupélec, a one-year grant will be offered each academic year to international students (for candidates accepted into the 2nd year of a Master’s degree). For candidates admitted into the 1st year of a Master’s degree, the grant can be renewed for their second year, provided they obtain successful results.

Applicants must first submit an application online (Application section). The head of the master's degree selects candidates among admitted students to whom he will offer to apply for this scholarship. Each selected candidate will then be informed by e-mail so that they can complete their application for the scholarship. He must provide the email address of two referrers who must complete their recommendations online before the deadline specified in website of Université Paris-Saclay.

Students will apply on the website of Université Paris-Saclay.


Other scholarships

The CampusBourses catalogue, from Campus France, provides information about scholarships and enables you to search for grants according to your profile. It shows scholarships offered by French and foreign governments, regional or local councils, private companies, foundations and higher education institutions. 

Please be reminded that you should first apply to the Master's degree of your choice (Application section) in order for us to issue a letter of support for your scholarship application, in case you are admitted. 


Financial aid

Eligible students maintain their rights to the CROUS need-based scholarship. International students can benefit from a French government scholarship, for which they should seek advice from the French Embassy of their country of origin. 

Various financial aid or in-kind support are offred by Université Paris-Saclay and Metz and Rennes campuses.

You may also be eligible to a housing grant from CAF (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales).



Paris-Saclay campus

Classes will take place at CentraleSupélec or at one of the member universities of Université Paris-Saclay, which campus is located 25km (15 miles) south of Paris. Various student residence halls are located around campus. You can also choose to live in a private apartment or share one with other students or even elderlies for cross-generational living. 

You can find more information about accommodation on the website of Université Paris-Saclay


Metz campus

You can find more information about accommodation on the website of the Metz campus


Rennes campus

You can find more information about accommodation on the website of the Rennes campus.

Budget outline

Aside tuition and accommodation fees, you will incur various other expenses during your Master's degree at CentraleSupélec, whether on Paris-Saclay, Metz or Rennes campus. 

Université Paris-Saclay provides information about the average cost of life in France, and particularly in Paris area. Living in Rennes or Metz is slightly cheaper. 

Regarding health expenses, all students must register with the French national social security. International students must do so online on the following website: Students are advised to purchase a complementary health insurance to cover for the portion of the expenses that are not reimbursed by the social security (from €15/month depending on insurance providers). 



For any additional question about Master's degrees taught on the Paris-Saclay campus, please send an email to the Master's degrees team

For any additional question about Master's degrees taught on Metz or Rennes campuses, please contact the heads of programmes, of whom the names and email addresses appear on the relevant sections.