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CentraleSupélec: an open window to the world


Centrale supélec

To prepare its students for international careers and make the CentraleSupélec engineer an essential actor within companies and research institutes, addressing global issues and multicultural challenges, CentraleSupélec has developed its international openness along three main axes:

  • An obligation for all students to spend at least six months abroad (École Centrale program) or 16 weeks (Supélec program) to complete an internship in a company or laboratory and/or in one of our partner universities. Approximately 30% of students complete the international obligation in the form of a double degree.
  • The importance placed on languages in the program: CentraleSupélec offers a large range of modern languages as well as classes on world civilizations. Each student must learn a minimum of two languages and over half choose a third. Furthermore, 25% of science and technical classes are taught in English.
  • The presence of many foreign students on the campus. CentraleSupélec welcomes more than 50 nationalities and the Engineering cycle includes 35% international students. This international openness gives everyone the opportunity to learn by discovering other languages, cultures and ways of working.

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Making your program international: an important obligation

Today, industrial partners require young graduates who can work in multicultural environments or anywhere in the world once they have finished their studies.

The international experience is an opportunity to discover working methods and approaches that are different from those in France and CentraleSupélec. In addition to learning modern languages, student-engineers gain intercultural skills and ease working with people from different cultural and educational backgrounds.

More generally, the aim of international mobility is to give students the opportunity to learn more on a human and cultural level by obliging them to adopt a different lifestyle and to become autonomous, to adapt and to develop their self-confidence. This mobility is a unique opportunity to view the world from other perspectives.