Boost your career with a top-level Master’s degree in AI!

Artificial intelligence has become a game changer in our lives. This program aims to provide students with the foundations and most advanced techniques in the field, enabling them to become technical leaders of this transformation.

Our program offers a unique curriculum, tackling the field with model/symbolic-driven and data-driven artificial intelligence methods, while also assessing their applications to key societal domains such as ethics, internet of people, networks, logistics, and biomedical sciences.

This unique program, offering an end-to-end approach from theory to practice, is delivered entirely in English by outstanding teachers and classes, and offers a uniquely excellent curriculum to those preparing for a future as artificial intelligence architects seeking exceptional career perspectives in the hottest discipline of the 21st century.





  • Duration: 12-16 months

  • Language: English

  • Location: Paris-Saclay Campus

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Academic directors

Céline Hudelot

 Academic Co-Director Professor and Head of the Mathematics and Informatics Laboratory for Complexity and Systems (MICS). She also heads the Randstad chair                                       

Vincent Mousseau

Academic Co-Director Professor and Researcher at the Mathematics and Informatics Laboratory for Complexity and Systems (MICS). He studies preference modelling and decision system

 Program Manager

 Dave Jacob 

MSc AI Program Management and Development                        Head of Projects and Operations  


  Elouan Prevost 

 School assistant MSc AI 

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