This programme is designed to train future industry leaders by developing both their leadership and engineering skills. It will enable graduates to support companies in all sectors of industry in their transformation or innovation projects.

Today, transformation is no longer simply digital or organisational, and our graduates will have the tools to lead and implement all types of transformation. Students are in direct contact with our partner companies through company seminars, industrial site visits and inter-company round tables.


The Degree

This specialisation is part of the ESCP Master of Science (MSc) programme. Students will obtain the French Master degree (DEAMIE) as well as a joint CentraleSupélec and ESCP diploma, the MSc in Industry Transformation Management.

•     CentraleSupélec delivers its specific knowledge of industry, based on engineering sciences and industrial management.
•    ESCP Business School offers its high level of management and leadership skills.

Students will benefit from the support of both schools and courses will be taught by high-level professors from each environment. They will also experience both campuses by attending classes in these two different locations, in Paris and Saclay.



After a specific workshop to meet each other and create a group dynamic for the following months, students will follow fundamental courses. These courses will provide students with the fundamental skills to analyse and manage industrial environments.

They will also follow a specific module to improve their leadership and develop their managerial skills.

Finally, the whole class will participate in a learning expedition in Berlin, in order to exchange on entrepreneurship and agility.


Download the MSc in Industry Transfomation Management brochure.


Term 1 - Core Courses (from July 2024 to October 2024)

These six modules are compulsory only for candidates with less than 240 ECTS (or equivalent):

  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Strategy

A specific module on Industrial Engineering mandatory for all students

Classes online for candidates with less than 240 ECTS previous degree. They run in an online format between July and September prior to the campus terms. Candidates may be exempted from attending these modules based on their previous working experience (3 years required).


Terms 2 - Classes on the ESCP Paris Campus (from October 2024 to December 2024)

Following an induction seminar designed for students to meet one another and create a group dynamic for the year ahead, they will follow fundamental courses, and acquire specific skills to analyse and manage industrial environments.

  • Industrial Projects & Systems Management
  • Operations Management & Lean Efficiency
  • Data Analytics for Sense Making
  • Industry 4.0
  • Leadership Development
  • Consultancy Projects
  • Activities with Partners (Industrial Visits, Conferences, Breakfasts…)

You will also follow a specific module to improve their leadership and develop their managerial skills. Students will also take a compulsory seminar on Ethics, Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance.


Term 3 - Classes on the CentraleSupélec Saclay Campus and ESCP Berlin Campus (from January 2025 to June 2025 )

  • A specific project to drive by student teams, for the benefit of a company working in industrial area. You will have to analyse and deliver solutions to them, using a supervision and coaching by professors from both schools.
  • A specialisation to choose between 3 specific modules : supply chain 4.0 (CentraleSupélec), management for future industry (ESCP Business School) or industry disruptive thinking (ESCP Business School / CentralSupélec). You will benefit from courses and skills to sustain their own carreer choices.
  • Finally, you will have to attend common courses at ESCP Business School (Ethics / Research seminar) and a specific module on social impacts in CentraleSupélec.
  • Courses :
    • Human System Integration
    • Organisational Transformation
    • Entrepreneurship
    • IA and Transformation
    • Leadership Development
    • Sustainability Management
    • Research Seminar
    • Intercultural Management


Term 4 - Professional Mission, Master Thesis & Research Seminar (From July 2023 to December 2023)

  • Professional Mission

After learning key industrial management skills, students will be challenged to put them into practice by joining a company anywhere in the world
for 4 months. The role must be clearly industry oriented to be validated, engaging our students in the field of industrial operations or projects.
They must demonstrate their ability to :
· manage operations and/or projects that have an impact on the evolution of the industry.
· gain direct exposure to the operations field by working with blue-collar and frontline engineers or managers
· provide solutions and systems that integrate the skills learned in the programme.

  • Master Thesis

Each student will have to defend his or her thesis, based on both academic and field experiences. They will be mentored by a professor from one of the two partner schools. This professor will help them choose the right topic and provide a solid methodology.
They will then defend their work in front of a jury composed of the thesis director (professor) and one of the academic directors. The jury will
represent both schools to deliver the degree.
During this time, students will also participate in a mandatory Research Seminar held by a ESCP professor.