Main modules include: space-program-msct-space-business-strategy

-    Space Project and Program Management
-    OldSpace, NewSpace, Client and partner typologies
-    Sustainable Space by Design
-    Space Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Business
-    Corporate Strategy, Growth and Business Development
-    Space Law, Policy, Ethics, Geopolitics, and Contracts
-    Space Venture, Finances, and Economics
-    Nextspace and Data Applications in Business
-    Professional project and individual Research Thesis

Team projects and relevant case studies:

-    Sustainable Space Growth project (2 semesters)
-    Space Startup Bootcamp (1 week)
-    Pre-fundraising Dataroom ramp-up (3 days)
-    Immersive Serious Game: Emergency reaction to a Cataclysmic Climatic event (1 week)
-    Mock trial for contract terms infringement (2 days)
-    International business contract negotiation (2 days)


Work experience:

-    opportunity for part-time professional experience throughout the year (Sept - may)
-    experienced professionals holding part-time positions with employers
-    internships
-    In-depth entrepreneurial project (individual or Stage 2 following Space Startup Bootcamp)
-    6 months full-time internship starting in May-June 

Program Academic Director


Thomas Garnier
Space Systems Research Engineer
Tech Entrepreneur
Also co-leads MEng Programs at University Paris Saclay and ESTACA University 

“This Program is designed to provide the fast-growing Space Tech Ecosystem with strong professionals in critical company fields ranging from pre-sales, bid management, business development, corporate growth strategies, data-based business units, venture and fundraising specifics, and Space law applied to contracts and business. Students and professionals will arrive with their own strengths, experience, and vision, and then develop critical and nuanced skills in many areas of Space Corporate Business.
We are pleased to welcome international students here at CentraleSupélec, part of Paris-Saclay University. This stimulating program will support all enrolled students and allow them to thrive while reaching their professional and personal goals. “




Experts’ take

“Great Program! Looks like a hands-on Business & Corporate Strategy degree for junior and senior professionals alike. Just what the Space Industry needs!”
Clémence Cambourian, COO @ Astreos 

“The essential training for anyone who wants to get into the space industry, whatever their dreams, ambitions, or skills might be.”
Christelle Astorg-Lepine, Managing Director @ Starburst France, Program Director @ Blast Startups Acceleration Program

“This Program is well in line with market needs and should equip its students with a strong understanding of the Space market and environment as well as its current and future challenges.”
Jean-Emmanuel Roty, Space Systems Engineer (Satellite Constellation Scale-Up)

“This Degree covers all themes necessary to a good understanding of the current space market. Lectures and application cases cover the entire value chain, from historical players to emerging ones. It displays key modules for capturing ambitious projects and new customers.”
Maxime Valençon, Space Engineer and Bid Manager, HEMERIA