School of Entrepreneurship at CentraleSupélec has developed a unique environment: companies closely associated with the whole curriculum, dedicated training courses and modules, a digital pathway, an Open Innovation Institute of which we are a founding member, as well as a (link to site) technology incubator and a Fab Lab, which have already accompanied more than 70 startups.

CentraleSupélec offers numerous training courses dedicated to entrepreneurship as part of its engineering curriculum as well as its specialised masters. At the same time, the school has developed, in parallel, an ecosystem around training for entrepreneurship.

Our developments 

The Digital Track / Paris Digital Lab

In early 2015, CentraleSupélec launched a Digital Track, the Digital Tech Year, an additional year in the engineering curriculum, intended for full-time technological immersion at Paris Digital Lab In the service of business innovation. Its objective is to offer the students who are most motivated by information technologies an innovative experience working with businesses, centred on innovation. Integrated within the Innovation Factory it hosts 25 high potential students selected from CentraleSupélec.


The Open Innovation Institute

CentraleSupélec is a founding member of the Open Innovation Institute. It aims to build lasting, constructive and balanced relationships between key accounts and start-ups.

The activity of the Institute is divided into 3 parts: creation and running of business accelerators, training courses dedicated to open innovation, conducting studies and research.

The Incubateur CentraleSupélec: a technology incubator

CCreated in 2001, the CentraleSupélec incubator welcomes and supports innovative and ambitious projects, at a very early stage, carried out either by graduates of CentraleSupélec or others within the network. The incubator now specializes in supporting technological projects focused exclusively on one of the seven major societal challenges: Health and Biotechnology, Nanosciences, Transport - Aeronautics, Business Systems, Communication Systems, Environment - Risks and Energy.


Over 13 years, the CentraleSupélec Incubator has seen:

In 13 years, the incubator of CentraleSupélec has seen:

  • 70 companies created
  • € 201 million in combined sales,
  • 76.3 million funds raised
  • 541 jobs created, as well as hundreds of internships,
  • business survival rate of 79% (including projects that were halted during incubation)
  • business survival rate of 88% among companies that came out of the incubator.

1 MOOC dedicated to corporate finance and incubation

CentraleSupélec has been committed to teaching innovation since 2013, and was the first in France to offer a MOOC dedicated to corporate finance and incubation, taught by Jean-François Galloüin, Managing Director of Paris & Co and Professor at CentraleSupélec. His course saw than 11,000 participants.