Paris-Saclay Campus : Process

1) Upload a document on the print server

From any internet-connected device, go to and upload your file as an attachment.

Choose your settings (color, front / back...), then click on "print" (there is no printer to select). When the document has the status "printed", it means that it is loaded and ready to be printed.

2) Start printing

Go to one of the two printers on the campus:

- the Eiffel Library,

- or Co-Working space of the Bouygues building (in front of the room e.012, west entrance Joliot-Curie).

Insert your print card on the reader, select your documents and press “print”.

3) Check/Cancel a print

If you are part of CentraleSupélec, you can view the status of your pending documents and delete them by logging to :

4) You are not part of CentraleSupélec ?

Start by choosing a card: you can use your Izly account or buy a Sedeco card on the dedicated terminal at the Eiffel library (from the start with € 0.51 credit, you can recharge it for an amount ranging from € 5 to € 50).

Then create your account on Capvisiteur/ : this is where you’ll manage your prints (as described in step 1).

Before the first print, associate the chosen card with your visitor account (this is called “enrollment”). To do this, go to the “enrollment station” at the Eiffel library, enter your username and password, then put the card on the blue reader.

Your card is ready to use!

Paris-Saclay Campus : Costs

Type of service


Payment terms

Purchase Sedeco card rechargeable 1 year

€ 2 (€ 1,49 card + € 0,51 credit)

Bank card only, on the Sedeco charging terminal at Eiffel library

Copy/Print A4 Black and White

€ 0,07

Student card (Izly) or Sedeco card

Copy/Print A4 A4 Colour

€ 0,14

Copy/Print A3

2 x A4

Scan (by email)



Paris-Saclay Campus : FAQ

Sedeco card

  • Can I use my student / izly card to pay ? Yes. The amount of prints/copies will be directly debited from your Izly account.
  • What can I pay with this card ? The card allows you to pay prints and copies on printers of CentraleSupélec’s Paris Saclay campus. The scan function is free and does not require a Sedeco card.
  • On wich machines is it usable ? On the printers at the Eiffel Library and at Co-Working space of the Bouygues building (in front of the room e.012, west entrance Joliot-Curie).
  • Can I use it on the campus of Rennes and Metz ? No, the campus of Rennes and Metz use a different print system.
  • Do I have to « enroll » my card ? Whether you use the Izly or Sedeco card, enrollment is mandatory for printing, but not for photocopying.
  • Can I have several cards to print? No, a card is associated with only one user account, and vice-versa.
  • Can my account (or my card) be hacked ? The Sedeco system is highly secured at all levels. However, zero risk does not exist.
  • [Sedeco] Is there a maximum credit limit on the card? Yes, a card can not contain more than € 79.
  • [Sedeco] Does it have an expiration date ? No. The card is virtually functionnal for life. However, one year after the purchase date (and then on each anniversary date), a subscription of € 0.90 will be payable for the next reload.
  • [Sedeco] I no longer use it, is it possible to get a refund of remaning credits ? No, credited units are neither exchangeable nor refundable.
  • [Sedeco] I lost my card, what can I do ? Start by asking at the front desk of the library if it has not been found. If not, buy a new card and do again the enrollment process: your new card will replace the lost one.
  • [Sedeco] I lost my card, is there a risk for the security of my datas ? If your card is found, nobody could access to your account or to your files (unless this person knows your ID and password).
  • [Sedeco] My card is damaged and no longer works. I want to recover the money that was in it. Unfortunately, if the card is damaged to the point of not being able to be read, this money is lost. Your card is under your responsibility: the library and Sedeco cannot be held responsible for any damage.

Purchase / recharge terminal

  • Can I recharge my Izly account on this terminal ? No, this terminal is dedicated to the Sedeco cards only.
  • What are the means of payment ? The only means of payment is bank card.
  • I don’t have bank card, what can I do ? Unfortunately, the only way is to arrange with someone who has a bank card (an acquaintance, another user present in the library, etc.).

WARNING: the library cannot provide this service: the staff does not have the legal right to offer / accept payment in its own name, whatever it may be, even in refund.

  • How many terminals are there ? There is only one terminal, located at the Eiffel library.


  • Can I print with someone else’s card ? No, unless you have uploaded yours files on his account. Indeed, a card is associated to a single user account, and vice versa. The card, in addition to means of payment, serves as a key to open your print server. When you put it on the reader, the printer will read your account details, find its entry code and unlock its access to search for your documents.
  • Can I print from a USB stick ? Not directly: to print, you must go through one of the print servers. If you only have a USB stick, you must first connect to a computer: there are 3 self-services at the Eiffel library.
  • Can I choose the print settings ? By checking the "Advanced" box, you can choose the following settings: number of copies, color, front / back, page selection. The rest is determined by the original layout of your document (A3, several pages per sheet, etc.).
  • I uploaded several files in my printing queue, but I don’t want to print all of it anymore. What can I do ? The printer’s reader displays your printing queue: you can (un)select those you want to print. You can also delete all or part of your pending files by logging to
  • Is there another way to print on the campus ? No, it is the only way.
  • How much time do I have to print my files once I've uploaded them? Your files remain in the queue for 72h, and then are deleted.
  • Can I print in A3 ? Yes, but by configuring your document beforehand in this format. With "office" documents, you just need to change the layout ; with PDF documents, you have to resave it (File -> print -> print with PDF) in A3.
  • If you want to ask for a refund, please fill out this form :

Print servers

  • Where should I go to connect to the print servers ? As the servers are on the internet, you can use any device that allows you to browse the web (computer, touch pad, smartphone…).
  • What are the valid paper sizes for print servers ? Only A3, A4 and Letter sizes are accepted by servers.
  • I uploaded a file on the server without any difficulty or error message. However, nothing appears when I insert my card in the reader, and the file is missing from Watchdoc. It probably means your file is in an exotic paper size not accepted by the server (Legal or A5 for examples). So, you need to change the layout of the document before to reupload it.


  • Can I photocopy a pile of sheets at once (so without having to do it one sheet at a time?) ? Yes, it is possible, placing the pile on the hood of the machine, in the receptacle provided for this purpose. The choice of settings is the same as for a normal photocopy.


  • My login is not recognized… You must enter your CentraleSupélec username that does not use the email address and the associated password. If you are sure you are not mistaken, ask the IT department to understand what is not working.

I come from another university and already have a Sedeco card...

  • I come from another university, where we also manage our prints with Sedeco. So, I already have a Sedeco card and an associated account: can I use them here at Centralesupélec? In theory yes, but not all Sedeco systems work the same way. If yes, the rates are those of CentraleSupélec.

Rennes Campus

Type of Service



Copy/Print Black & White


4,50 €

Copy/Print Black & White


0,15 €

A printer is available at the library: it is on your right when you enter. You can buy a card : ask the library staff (4.50 € / 50 units)  (0,15 € / 1 unit).