It is part of our mission to provide training for and through research, and thus to prepare students for careers in research and development, in both the public and private sectors. CentraleSupélec ensures the highest level of scientific training for its doctoral student community. The doctoral training is resolutely committed to professional training, providing its doctoral students with all the skills they need to succeed in their professional careers in the fields of innovation, research and development.


Doctoral training is training for and through research and professional research experience. It leads to the production of new knowledge. It includes personal research work carried out by the doctoral student. It is supplemented by additional training courses approved by the doctoral school.


Paris-Saclay campus

Since September 2015, doctoral studies on the Paris-Saclay campus have led to a single doctoral diploma awarded by Université Paris-Saclay. The doctoral college of Université Paris-Saclay comprises 21 thematic doctoral schools federated around research laboratories. CentraleSupélec collaborates with 5 of Université Paris-Saclay's Doctoral Schools:


Rennes campus 

With more than 500 students enrolled, the Matisse doctoral school (Mathematics, Telecommunications, Computer Science, Signal, Systems, Electronics) is the largest doctoral school in the Rennes area in terms of doctoral students and theses defended each year.

The doctoral school's specialities are grouped into four main scientific fields:

AST: Automatics, Productics and Robotics - Signal, Image, Vision - Telecommunications
EGE: Electronics - Electrical Engineering - Photonics - Components and Devices for Electronics and Photonics
INFO: Computer Science
MI: Mathematics and its Interactions


Metz campus

C2MP Doctoral School trains high-level scientific researchers in the fields of chemistry, mechanics and physics, and materials science and engineering.
In addition to a high level of excellence on a specific topic, PhD students from C2MP demonstrate a scientific, societal, entrepreneurial and human culture that prepares them to be avant-garde and responsible stakeholders of the future.

IAEM-Lorraine Doctoral School organizes doctoral training in the fields of Computer Science, Automatic Control, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Architectural Sciences within the Université de Lorraine.


International Co-supervision

With a policy of encouraging the mobility of doctoral students and developing international scientific cooperation, we have set up a system of co-supervision; whereby a PhD student can carry out his or her thesis under co-supervision between two institutions, one in France and the other abroad.

The co-supervision is carried out either on the basis of a framework agreement signed between the two institutions, or on the basis of an individual agreement.

In recognition of the European dimension of a doctoral project, Université Paris-Saclay awards a "European Doctorate" award to a PhD candidate who has mobility experience in Europe of at least three months, alongside other criteria.