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Energy-Based Functional Modelling for Control Architecture Design: An Application to Energy Management for a Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Mert Mokukcu, Philippe Fiani, Sylvain Chavanne, Lahsen Ait Taleb, Cristina Vlad, Emmanuel Godoy
Article in a review
Communication on a congress
Towards Malicious Exploitation of Energy Management Mechanisms
Safouane Noubir, Maria Mendez Real, Sébastien Pillement
Communication on a congress
SPEAR: Hardware-based Implicit Rewriting for Square-root Circuit Verification
Atif Yasin, Tiankai Su, Sébastien Pillement, Maciej Ciesielski
Article in a review
Individualized growth prediction of mice skin tumors with maximum likelihood estimators
Spyridon Patmanidis, Alexandros Charalampidis, Ioannis Kordonis, Katerina Strati, Georgios Mitsis, George Papavassilopoulos
Communication on a congress
DynaLoc: Real-Time Camera Relocalization from a Single RGB Image in Dynamic Scenes based on an Adaptive Regression Forest
Nam-Duong Duong, Amine Kacete, Catherine Soladie, Pierre-Yves Richard, Jérôme Royan
Article in a review
High performance of 3D silicon nanowires array@CrN for electrochemical capacitors
Abdelouadoud Guerra, Emile Haye, Amine Achour, Maxime Harnois, Toufik Hadjersi, Jean-Francois Colomer, Jean-Jacques Pireaux, Stéphane Lucas, Rabah Boukherroub