École Centrale Engineering program: Budget outline for 2017-2018

Budget outline for an engineering student for 2017-2018


Centrale supélec


Tuition fees Yr1, Yr2, Yr3


Non-bursary student

Means-tested grant recipient

French government grant recipient


Student social security

217 €





Other costs

Health insurance

LMDE Centre 601 (100% reimbursement)

251.40 €

SMEREP Centre 617 (100% reimbursement)

330 €



University restaurant

University restaurant (guide price for 2015/2016 academic year)

3.25 €/meal





École Centrale Engineering program: scholarships available

Support from the École Centrale Paris Foundation

Centrale supélec


The École Centrale Paris Foundation places students at the heart of its mission with a lofty ambition: to help them to study in the best possible conditions.

As no student should have to stop studying due to lack of funds, the Foundation pursues its mission by providing a solidarity fund, aimed at funding student scholarships, bank loan guarantees and interest-free loans.

The Foundation is therefore aligned with the policy of openness and diversity at École Centrale Paris, which aims to welcome students who, despite being exceptionally talented, may struggle for access to the best educational programs.

As such, the Foundation supports more than 450 students each year, providing €600,000 in funding.


A few words from Joachim (2013)

“I joined École Centrale Paris in 2010 and at that time I was experiencing a lot of financial difficulties. Thanks to the €5,000 sponsorship granted to me by the school, I was able to cover my accommodation costs... Basically, I owe a lot to the support I received from the École Centrale Paris!”


Sponsorships to support the international development of the program

CentraleSupélec has resolutely become an international school:

  • The engineering student program includes a minimum six-month placement abroad and encourages students to opt for the double-degree;
  • The school also accepts the best international students, representing 30% of all students, from around 50 different countries.

This international dimension engenders significant costs, both for our French students who travel abroad and for students from countries whose cost of living is lower than that in France.

The Foundation supports students’ international mobility by awarding them grants which fund international study, tuition fees, living and transport costs, etc. 


Rodrigo, Chilean student, Foundation scholarship recipient


Other scholarships are offered by:



  • Means-tested grants ranging from €1,008 to €5,545 (2015/2016 amounts)
  • Merit-based aid
  • International mobility aid
  • FNAU: National Emergency Aid Fund
  • French government grants (for foreign students)

CROUS social services. See site: www.crous-versailles.fr



  • Personalized housing benefit

Contact : www.caf.fr



  • Loans

Contact : bruno.dautremer@ecp.fr

Supélec Engineering program: budget outline for 2017-2018

Centrale supélec


A CentraleSupélec student’s budget includes two dimensions:

  • Tuition fees, paid to the school, covering registration and provision of teaching resources
  • Accommodation costs, paid to the rental organization in charge of accommodation on each campus

In addition, food and other personal expenses unrelated to studies must be calculated (clothing, leisure activities, health insurance, etc.).


Below are some useful links: 










Tuition fees


Registration fees
(CROUS scholarship students are exempt)



Exchange program costs (T.I.M.E., Erasmus, etc.)
Costs of course resources, IT access, etc.

+/- €500 due to home university


Social Protection


- Social security, student plan for 2015-2016
(CROUS scholarship students are exempt)



Average accommodation costs exclusive of housing benefit
(over 10 months) 2013-2014 index

€3,370 - €4,400




Engineering diploma and specialization

Registration fees are required from students wishing to achieve an Engineering degree, regardless of their nationality and admission route, competitive entrance exam or competitive qualification ranking, as pursuing initial training.

For students registered for completion of a specialization degree or ongoing training, registration fees are €14,900.

For all other cases (company employee, job seeker, etc.), please contact the General Secretariat at: +33 (0)1 69 85 12 63

Students admitted as part of an international exchange program (Socrates, Erasmus, T.I.M.E.), and who have paid registration fees to their home institution, do not owe any registration fees to CentraleSupélec.

There is an additional charge of €500, covering class copies, teaching resources, IT and network access, work accident coverage and CFC charges.



Social Security and mandatory charges

The price of Social Security coverage for students is published every year in the Journal Officiel. The amount is €215 for the 2015-2016 academic year (checks may be made out to the Accounts Department, CentraleSupélec). If you have not received the CERFA Social Security registration form, you can access it here, fill it out and return it to us (one copy is sufficient). Social Security subscription enables you to receive partial reimbursement for any medical costs paid out.

If you would like to subscribe for more extensive protection, you should obtain a student insurance plan: LMDE (national), SMEREP (Ile-de-France), SMEBA (Brittany) and MGEL (Lorraine). Information tables will be open at the beginning of the academic year on campuses.

Work accident insurance is mandatory for everyone.

Payment of CFC (Centre Français d’exploitation du droit de Copie) royalties, also mandatory, enables students to legally make and use photocopies of documents protected by copyright, according to the terms and conditions of a contract signed by CentraleSupélec with the CFC.



Accommodation costs

School residences have an accommodation capacity which is almost equal to the number of students. These are eligible for established subsidies (individualized housing subsidies - APL, or social housing subsidies - ALS) if candidates meet the required conditions. Prices excluding subsidies vary between €347 and €412 per month, depending on the room allocated on the Gif-sur-Yvette campus (over 10 months). All registration fees, contributions, subscriptions, royalties and the first month for accommodation in a residence are to be paid between admission and the beginning of each academic year.

Supélec Engineering program: financial support

centrale supélec

Students experiencing financial difficulties can obtain subsidies or an arrangement of special terms of payment.

Social assistance scholarships are awarded by the Versailles Board of Education regardless of campus allocation. Applications must be renewed each year in March. Request for Board of Education transfer for scholarship students coming from a board of education elsewhere than Versailles can be undertaken by CentraleSupélec.

Obtaining a Board of Education scholarship furthermore exempts the candidate from paying registration fees to CentraleSupélec and Social Security contributions, and enables them furthermore to obtain 50% discount on the cost of class copies.

Interest-free loans may be granted by the Les Supélec Association or other organizations.

Bank loans may be obtained with very preferential conditions in the context of agreements made between CentraleSupélec and partner banks (minimum amount: €1,500).

“Student jobs” can help to finance all or part of this study budget. Visit the General Secretariat or Student Association (BDE, Junior Entreprise) for more information at the beginning of the academic year.