Boost your career with introductory, excellence and domain-specific AI courses.

  • Duration: 12-16 months

  • Language: English

  • Location: Paris Saclay Campus

Artificial intelligence became a game changer of our life.
The aim of this program is to provide the foundations and the most advanced techniques in the field towards becoming a technical leader of this transformation.
Our program is unique in terms of curriculum: it encircles the field both with model/symbolic-driven and data-driven artificial intelligence methods as well as their applications to critical domains like natural language processing, visual computing, internet and retail.

Our end-to-end from theory to practice program entirely offered in English with outstanding quality of classes and instructors offers you a unique opportunity of excellence in terms of curriculum towards becoming an artificial intelligence architect and amazing career perspectives in the hottest discipline of this century.


  • Presentation below with Vincent Mousseau, co-director of the program

  • Presentation below with Nikos Paragios, co-director of the program




Academic directors

Nikos Paragios: (PhD'00, Inria) is distinguished professor of mathematics at CentraleSupelec. His research interests are in the areas of computer vision, biomedical image analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. His publication record according to DBLP can be found here and his research profile according to Google Scholar here.

Céline Hudelot: (PhD 2004, INRIA Sophia Antipolis), is full Professor at CentraleSupélec. Her research interests include artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and reasoning for semantic image analysis, representation learning, information fusion, logics for AI, spatial reasoning and machine learning. Her publication record can be found here and her research profile according to Google Scholar here


Vincent Mousseau: (PhD’93 Univ. Paris-Dauphine) is full professor at CentraleSupélec. His research is in the field of multiple criteria decision analysis, preference learning, and Decision Making. His publication record can be found here and his research profile according to Google Scholar here.




Program coordinator: Dave Jacob



Academic Curriculum

Foundation Courses

 Excellence courses

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Decision modeling
  • Optimization
  • Deep Learning
  • Big Data & AI Programming Languages & Platforms

Theoretical Courses:

  • Reinforcement learning
  • Excellence in Game Theory
  • Graphical Models
  • Multi-agent Systems
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Advanced Deep Learning

Applied Courses:

  • Introduction to Visual computing
  • Natural language processing
  • Networks science analytics
  • Information retrieval and extraction
  • Deep learning for Medical Imaging
  • Ensemble Learning from Theory to Practice