Application is now open

Applicants can apply using the CentraleSupélec - McGill admissions platform through the link below or via Parcoursup : Bachelor en sciences et ingénierie - Ingénierie généraliste, en partenariat avec l'université Mc Gill (formation 39291).



admission website instructions

The application deadline via the CentraleSupélec - McGill admissions platform is  March 1st, 2024.

Applications via the Parcoursup platform are made according to the platform's timetable.

The main stages of the application (whatever the platform) are:

Step 1. Ensure you have the required scientific level

To learn if the Bachelor of Global Engineering fits your academic strengths and interests, and what documents to prepare, consult the information below.

The CentraleSupélec-McGill Bachelor of Global Engineering is recruting its second class in 2024. Therefore, there are no meaningful statistics on this program yet. However, we have grouped below the minimum levels of students recruited to the Faculty of Engineering Bachelor programs of McGill University. This information is an indication and not a minimum required level, nor a guarantee that with a higher level than the one indicated you will be retained.

You must submit your academic results (report cards, transcripts, etc.) for the three pre-university years.  

Consult the following document: Expected levels and required document

Step 2. Ensure you have the required level of English

In the document below you will find the required level in English, the required certifications and the conditions of exemption.

Proof of English proficiency

Step 3. Prepare your personal statement

The Personal Statement is your motivation letter. As the name suggests, it is a personal letter in which you explain why you have chosen to apply for the CentraleSupélec - McGill Bachelor of Global Engineering.

Your Personal Statement is a reflection of your personality and your ambitions. It should be sincere and authentic, and above all, unique. It simply explains your reasons for applying. You can justify this based on your academic background as well as your extracurricular experiences.

If you feel that there are special circumstances that may have affected your education, they should be mentioned in the Special Circumstances section.

It must be written in English and not exceed 2 pages. (file help)

Step 4. Consult the list of extenuating circumstances

In considering your application, you may wish to bring special circumstances to our attention. The information you provide in this section will be given serious consideration. However, even if you have one of the following circumstances, you may not wish to disclose it in this application.

For example, if you have a disability, you need not indicate it at this stage, but rather at the time of your acceptance into the program. You may then contact our disability advisor then, or upon arrival at the school, or not at all. This is your decision.

The information you wish to provide will be examined after your written application has been reviewed and before the video conference interview if you are selected for interview. This method allows you to write your personal statement (step 3) without any need to worry about particular circumstances.

For more information, consult the following document:

extenuating circumstances

Step 5. Complete the application form by submitting the required documents

You are now ready to complete the CentraleSupélec - McGill admissions platform.

Due to the bi-national nature of the Bachelor of Global Engineering, jointly operated by CentraleSupélec and McGill, two sets of regulations must be approved by the applicant. A set of regulations must be approved at the start of the application, applicable to the laws of France, and a second set at the end of the process, respecting the laws of Canada and Québec.

The McGill consent form can be downloaded here (BoGE-consent to McGill Policies on Personal Information).

Click on the link below to apply.

Application platform

If you have any questions, please contact admissions@centralesupé and clearly indicate the points you wish to clarify.

The notice of the CentraleSupélec - McGill admissions platform is available below:

admission website instructions

For students preparing or with the French Baccalaureate applying through the Parcoursup platform, please refer to the information on the Parcoursup platform.

Step 6. Discover the financial aid available

As part of the McGill - CentraleSupélec partnership, you may be eligible for various types of financial support:

  • Merit-based scholarships

One-year entrance scholarship, non-renewable based on academic achievement. Automatic consideration upon offer of admission.

Major entrance scholarship, renewable annually up to 3 or 4 years provided criteria for renewal are met, based on academic achievement and outstanding leadership. By separate application, accessible by special link upon application for admission.

Once your admission application is finalised, you'll receive an email within days with a link to apply for the Major entrance scholarship. 

The instructions here will guide you through your scholarship application.

  • Need-based financial aid

        Entrance Bursary Program, varied values, based on demonstrated financial need.  By separate application, accessible by special link upon offer of admission. Entrance bursary decisions are provided on a rolling basis within 3 weeks of application submission.  

Recipients of McGill - CentraleSupélec scholarships and bursaries must acquaint themselves with all regulations pertaining to each type of award.

You can find additional information in the following document: Fiancial Aids

Step 7. Invitation to an individual interview

You will be invited to an individual interview to discuss your motivation and suitability for the program. This interview will be conducted via a video link.

For each student, the objective of the interview is to evaluate:

            - motivation to enter the CentraleSupélec - McGill Bachelor of Global Engineering ;

            - professional project (their motivation to become an engineer);

            - knowledge of the program's operations;

            - interest in international studies.

More information on the following document: Prepare the Individual Interview