A word from our Academic Directors

" An intelligent use of data nowadays forms the core of business decisions constitutes the driving force of the societal and economic evolution of the years to come. It is probably one of the most important topics of our days. Analysts estimate that data-related businesses generated about 10 billion dollars in recent years, and will probably generate more than 30 billion dollars in the years to come.

The growth in job opportunities is tremendous: companies and organizations will need a couple of hundred thousand data scientists and business analytics leaders in the next few years. Moreover, the exponential growth in content-generation will bring about a huge need for highly qualified individuals with an in-depth knowledge and a global understanding of the technological and business challenges underlying the AI and digital revolution era.

Recent business studies converge to an estimated need of educating several million data scientists and leaders within the decade to come. This is why two prestigious French Grandes Ecoles ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec have partnered to propose this very innovative and complete program. We believe that truly innovative leaders must be both business savvy and erudite in data sciences. Hence we propose a unique program where students learn and combine the key skills in innovation and wealth creation that companies will increasingly require.

This master is for students who are committed to a deep understanding of data sciences and the methods of business analytics, who aim to develop strong skills in mathematical modeling and computer science as well as management savviness."


What will you do?

The Master combines faculty resources of a Business School and an Engineering School, in Paris and Singapore, to provide a unique one-year intensive program –or two years program, depending on previous degree and professional experience- for students with educational backgrounds in economics, management, mathematics or sciences.

Our promise to future students is that you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of scientific models and methods.
  • Boost your imagination, creativity and critical thinking.
  • Lead changes in business practices, technologies and tools
  • Succeed in managing complex projects.



The structure of the program explained



For holders of a Master degree, a 4-year Bachelor degree or a 3-year Bachelor degree with one year minimim of relevant professional experience.

To match students’ needs and goals and to ensure scientific expertise and data savviness, the program is hybrid between Data Sciences, Business Analytics & Digital Strategy. Electives are tailored to students’ specific career goals while being highly specialized in content and address recent trends and challenges. Students get access to modules (Financial analytics, Entrepreneurship…) as well as Masterclasses in advanced topics, training by partner companies and a field trip. Upon completion of the coursework, students are required to do an internship or professional experience, where they mobilize the skills acquired over the year.

The first period in France. Regardless of your major choice later on, you would always start the program in France. During the first period that runs from September to December, you will take refreshers and core courses as Big Data Algorithms, Techniques and Platforms, Predictive Analytics, Foundations of Optimization and Machine Learning, and more

Choose your Major(s). During period 2 you will choose among our three Majors to specialize in; there is no upper limit to the number of elective courses and double majors are possible. Depending on your choice, you will continue your program on one or more of our three campuses, and will have the opportunity to take courses or minors from the other directions, giving you a well-rounded and balanced set of skills. Period 2 comprises an International Field Trip where students explore a specific industrial hub and connect with companies.

Corporate Research Project also spans October-March. Students work in teams to solve key strategic questions posed by partner companies using their proprietary data. Enabling students to gain valuable insights and become directly operational, this Project boosts their career prospects

 See below an example class of our course in Machine Learning by Chloé-Agathe Azencott.




For holders of a 3-year Bachelor's degree without professional experience.

During the first year, you will take foundations and core courses on Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Management; some examples are: Algorithms, Optimization, Econometrics, Strategy, Analysis, Probability, Statistics, Advanced Programming, Business Law, Management Control, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology Management, etc. During your second year, you will follow the same structure of the one-year program



What makes this program unique

For a global understanding of the challenges underlying the digital era and to master the science of data and the techniques of business analytics, the program has a strong scientific focus and aims to provide students with a comprehensive view of these complimentary and intrinsically linked fields, enabling them to develop as fully-operational professionals.

Unique Hybrid Program  
Joint fully hybrid program from most prestigious Engineering & Business institutions in Europe.

Worldwide Recognition  
Awarded in QS ranking as #3 best program worldwide & #1 in Europe.

Official Diploma  
Master degree accredited by French Ministry of Education.

Data Sciences, Business Analytics, Digital Strategy.

Hands-on Experience  
Professional experience, internship, digital workshop, international field trip, Business Game, Corporate Research Project, entrepreneurship modules, master classes.

International & Top-Notch Faculty  
Faculty with a national and international recognition; 100% of involved faculty holds a Ph.D and an extensive research track record. Some of our professors are global leading experts in their fields. 

Industry & Companies connections  
Company visits e.g. international field trip (i.e Berlin, Dublin, Hong Kong, with visits to Google, IBM, etc.), seminars, fairs, career services from both institutions.

Centers of Excellence & Research  
Digital Vision Center (computer vision, machine learning & optimization, biomedical image analysis), modules (Financial analytics, Advanced FinTech, Entrepreneurship…) 


 It’s one of the few programs out there where you can learn the theory behind truly state of the art Machine Learning/Data Science techniques, and at the same time apply them to real world problems in the business domain. The program has also given me the chance to work with many other talented students from a variety of backgrounds. As an undergraduate, I studied mathematics and computer science, but I’ve been able to work with and learn from colleagues with backgrounds in business, finance, and engineering, just to name a few."

Gregory Islas, current student from the US

Gregory Islas


Put your new skills to the test

The Data Sciences & Business Analytics program is built on the premise of learning by doing. That is to say, we don't want you to just theorize about your chosen field of expertise, but to experience it and to delve into the complexity of business life in the real world. That is why, all students will go on an international field trip and do an internship/professional experience

Your Internship or Professional Experience, with a duration of 4 to 6 months, can take place anywhere in the world and is designed to boost your professional integration. Through the developed network of ESSEC and of CentraleSupélec's partnering firms, institutions, and alumni, you are sure to easily find an internship that suits your career ambitions.

Finally, the International Field Trip is a one-week trip to meet key actors, local professionals and business leaders all over the world, and confront your knowledge to best practices and emerging applications of analytics developing in other countries. You may travel to Hong-Kong, Silicon Valley, etc.



The ESSEC-CentraleSupélec Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics program is authorised by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to award a recognised BAC+5 degree, Master’s Grade, to its students. 


Welcome to France - Campus France

ESSEC Business School has been recognized by Campus France and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation for the quality of its international students’ welcome. 
The school received the highest level that can be obtained from the "Bienvenue en France" certification, which is the third level.

This certification recognizes the quality of ESSEC's reception in all the criteria provided:

  • The quality and accessibility of information
  • The welcoming of new international students
  • The academic offer
  • Accommodations
  • Campus life
  • The quality of post-graduate follow-up




Applying & prerequisites

  • What is the most important thing to get across in my application?

There is no interview for this program so applications are evaluated on the basis of your motivation letter, recommendation letters and academic results. Your motivation letter is key. We are looking for people who are consistent, have vision and are highly motivated. You should be able to demonstrate why this program is the best solution for you and how this is the conclusion of the path you have taken until now. We are looking for exceptional candidates who have at some point taken their lives into their hands, gone off track maybe and either done or tried to do something great.

  • What level of English do I need to have?

This is an international program and all the courses are taught in English. You need to be able to follow courses and feel at ease to work on case studies with your classmates who come from all over the world. A standardised English test is required of non-natives as part of the application. This is one of many aspects that we take into account in making our decisions.

Career prospects

  • What is the difference between a business analytics expert and a data scientist?

This is actually 2 different angles of the same thing and it depends on what focus you want. Is it computer science or business applications? A basic way of explaining the difference is that companies need someone to come with the problem (business analyst) and then someone to solve the problem (data scientist). These 2 actually need to work together and be complimentary.

  • Where can I find a job after graduating? Mainly in France?

There are job opportunities everywhere in the world. You are able to stay in France afterwards but also move internationally. More and more students are finding jobs in the best companies abroad and travel a lot for work. There are also more and more startups coming out of the degree.

Course content

  • How is the program organised? Do you spend time on both campuses?

You will start with the foundations to cover the necessary core skills in the first part of the program before going into more detail with one of two specialised tracks. For the autumn semester (3 months), you will spend time on both campuses, 1 day at CentraleSupélec, 1 day at ESSEC. In the spring semester, you will then choose to focus on your major, from either a business analytics track at ESSEC or a data science track at ECS. Finally in the final semester, you will follow excellence courses on specialised trending topics.

  • What makes the course content innovative?

You will be able to enjoy not only excellent academic teaching from some of the best research faculty in the world but also practical hands-on experience with case studies set by leading industry practitioners and experts in the field brought by our strong partnerships. The program has been developed based on the latest scientific solutions. While the foundation courses cover all the necessary information including a background history, the excellence courses then focus on the hottest trends of the moment. The course material is recent and constantly updated.

  • Regarding the internship, what is the maximum duration I can do one? Do you have any examples of where prior students did theirs?

There are no prestigious companies where our students aren’t employed! These could be in consulting, investment banking, engineering etc. at for example Accenture, BCG, GoldmanSachs, AirBnB or you can launch your own start up.


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