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Conference about Metagenomics on Paris-Saclay campus

Recherche Publié le 02/02/2018

Alesandra Cervino from Enterome and Frédéric Magoulès (MICS laboratory) organize the fifth edition of the P-MAG conference on February 2nd on Paris-Saclay campus.

Metagenomics is the study of the genetic material contained in environmental samples. With recent advances in sequencing technologies, the field has literally exploded and contributed largely to a better understanding of the role of bacteria in environmental samples such as soil and ocean water as well as human health. In particular, the gut microbiome has revealed itself to be a key player in maintaining human health and wellbeing. Whether using a single gene “16s” based approach or random shotgun sequencing, large amounts of sequencing data are generated for each sample and analysis of such data is challenging with the need for new computational tools and methods.

Paris has been at the heart of shotgun based metagenomics, with pioneering work being performed at MetaGenoPolis, INRA. To maintain its leadership position in the field and to ensure an open communication amongst bioinformaticians and biostatisticians working with microbiome data across industry and academia, the P-MAG group was created in 2014. The group currently includes over 40 members that meet about twice a year to hear about research going on in Paris and also some key international speakers. The managing committee is made up of academics (Institut Pasteur, MGP) and industry scientists (Luxia Scientific, Enterome).

The fifth edition of P-MAGwill bring together computer scientists, statisticians and researchers working on microbiome data and primarily based in the Paris region.